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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Airsoft Top Hints 'N' Tips.

  • Good eye protection is a must, a full face mask (as used by those paintballers) but must have ballistically rated lenses/goggles, or closed cup glasses (to prevent BB’s coming in through the side). You only get one set of eyes so protect them.
  • Never remove your face/eye protection whilst in a game area. Wait until you return to the designated safe zone.
  • Gloves are essential (padded or armoured) as a BB hit on bare hands when it’s cold can really hurt!
  • NEVER fire your weapon in the ‘Safe Zone’ (even dry fire!), ensure magazines are removed and safeties are applied. Some sites also insist on barrel covers/socks.
  • Never rest your AEG barrel down on the floor or use it as a walking stick! – we’ve all seen this done on rentals at some sites, usually by people new to the sport.
  • If you don’t have a sling you could use any other type of ‘clip’ sling from a bag or a laptop case.
  • Don’t Blind fire (poke just your gun around a corner without looking and fire) it is discouraged as you may injure someone at point blank range.
  • NEVER reuse spent ammunition – this can seriously damage your weapon.
  • Ensure your AEG is cleaned and lubed up (with silicone spay only – NOT WD40? Or other petrol chemical based spray/lube) before being stored.
  • Before finishing for the day try firing a few shots in semi-automatic mode in order to decompress the spring. This will increase the life span of the spring.
  • If your weapon came with a muzzle cover – USE IT. This will prevent debris etc from clogging up your AEG and possibly damaging the inner barrel.
  • When not being used for any length of time ensure the hop-up is set to off in order to prolong the life of the hop-up rubber.
  • Keep to a minimum dry firing your AEG (with no ammunition) as this can lead to potential damage to the piston or piston head.
  • A multitool and black insulation tape are a must for any kit back for emergency repairs or installation of accessories (or just bits that can drop off or need tightening up).

Input to these tips is most welcome and I hope to include some from those supplied in Player Profiles as well

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