Helikon Camogrom SFU Pants Review

Posted by Unknown On Sunday, April 17, 2011


Helikon Camogrom Special Forces Uniform (SFU) Trousers - Reviewed by Yosser

Often over looked but essential kit never the less, just what is required in a pair of trousers?

Well for most its quality, plenty of pockets, durability and comfort. For me, best match and colour scheme were also important, so naturally the choice would be Camogrom trousers by Helikon-Tex. This time I decided to go for the pants in the SFU range (Special Forces Uniform). These trousers are made of the same NYCO rip stop (50% Nylon, 50% Cotton) material as the TCU shirt; this means a good colour match between shirt and trousers, essential for that complete look.

Helikon Camogrom SFU Trousers

These trousers DO have plenty of pockets, check out the list:
  • 2 rear pockets (Velcro fastening),
  • 2 roomy cargo pockets on thighs (Velcro flaps, sewn down at leading edge),
  • 2 normal pockets at the front (positioned like jeans pockets rather than slash pockets on the side)
  • 2 smaller pockets at the front each suitable for holding x1 M4 style mag (Velcro fastening),
  • Small knife pocket with Velcro on the right leg.
I was quite surprised to find the trousers had a water repellant quality. I don't think it will stand up to the rigors of wading through ditches or kneeling in puddles for a great length of time but for the average use these should prove sufficient in 'normal' use - whatever normal might be! The level of detail in these trousers is good with wider than average belt loops, well made and stitched waist adjustors, and roomy pockets. The stitching I don't think will let you down either with most areas double stitched and over locked including the re-enforced seat area and knee pad pouch. The nyco rip stop material should be rip resistant and not subject to any 'pilling' but I can't say I tested for these and only time will tell on the wear factor, but I don't foresee any problems in those areas.

Now I spent the day skirmishing in these on what has been one of the warmest days of the year so far, despite this I still felt cool and not overheated in these trousers due to the breathable fabric I suppose and I didn't even notice the damp grass. The trousers allowed for full movement with no restrictions and eventually when I dumped the tactical vest was still able to stow a couple of M4 magazines in the smaller pockets located just below the hand pockets and that’s not even mentioning the few I had in each of the cargo pockets.

SFU Trouser Details

Additional Features:
  • Main button fastening, and button fly,
  • Double layer on knees and trouser seat for longer wear,
  • 2 Velcro closed slots for knee pads,
  • Side waist adjusters
  • Internal drawstring tie bottoms
As usual Helikon make these in a good selection of colours & material:
Beige nyco rip-stop : Black nyco rip-stop : Black nyco twill
Camogrom nyco twill : Coyot nyco rip-stop : Flecktarn nyco rip-stop
Olive Drab nyco rip-stop : Olive Green nyco rip-stop
Olive nyco twill : Polish Woodland nyco rip-stop : Polish Woodland nyco twill
Polish Desert nyco rip-stop : Metro nyco twill :
US Desert (3 colour) nyco rip-stop : US Woodland nyco rip-stop

These trousers and the colours available could be used in almost any outdoor activity you could think of from airsofting, fishing, rambling, through to zoo keeping! The true go anywhere, do anything trousers.

Yosser says: I really like these trousers, they are a great match (which you would expect) for the other Helikon gear I now have. Nice little touch on the lower Right side leg pocket, adding loops to the pocket for holding light sticks securely. I felt the jeans style pockets worked well, especially if you use any drop leg platforms which would mean restricted access to the more 'old school' side pockets found on some BDU trousers.

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