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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, June 15, 2011


UltraFire WF-501B Review by Yosser

Of course we are all well aware that the naming of these torch products is to tie in with the King of Tact-cool lighting and because it sounds a bit like SureFire, however the UltraFire range is strictly ‘budget’ torches in a tacti-cool look and finish. Now being budget conscious airsofters we don’t necessarily need the real-deal kit, come on honestly do we?

Ultrafire WF501B

This UltraFire WF-501B is sure one tacti-cool looking flashlight. Alloy body, in black, of course and O-ring seals for the tail cap and head unit, should stop the odd drop of water entering (I must point out that I’ve NOT tested that!). The light is of course a CREE-LED and it is VERY bright. Its advertised Lumens is 120 but I can’t confirm that, as I don’t have the gear to do that kind of test, but I’m sure its good enough for most airsofting tactical uses. Even with 2 CR123A batteries the torch wasn’t heavy and its configuration for holding was comfortable to be held in the fist with the thumb operating the tail button. Nice scalloped head on the torch should your situation require it, but probably lacks the weight to be used as a jabbing implement in an emergency (Not that you need that in airsoft of coure!). Now, my only criticism here is the tail button! To switch on requires a full ‘click’ to turn on, with a partial press to switch off temporarily rather than a mode were your torch is off and having a partial press to put on temporarily, which I think would be the most common use, where light is only quickly needed.

• Included mount and pressure pad allows tactical mounting for ease of use
• Black anodised finish with laser etchings
• 120 lumens output
• Perfectly pre-focused beam
• High capacity 3.0v 1400mah batteries
• 3.0v-9.0v - use any CR123a disposable or rechargeable cells
• CREE XR-E light source
• Very long battery life
• More resistant to impact than Xenon bulbs
• Durable bottled aluminium reflector provides a smooth, flawless beam
• Lamp assembly compatible with Surefire flashlights
• Strike type bezel gives you the advantage in nasty situations
• ~130mm long

Now the technology on LEDS has improved greatly from years ago, which means greater output light and lower power consumption, so this light puts out a really good beam. The lens is glass but FlashLight Heaven do have plastic replacements available (maybe you should ask for these when ordering one).

Ultrafire WF501B Pack(Click for larger picture)

Now I got the kit from FlashLight Heaven which included gun mount, batteries, and the all important tail switch which allows wired remote control and gives that much needed control of the light output during tactical situations. In all, this is a good tactical bundle for the price point and of course suits budget conscious airsofters down to the ground.

What you get in the bundle:
• Ultrafire 6V CREE LED torch
• Nylon heavy duty belt holster
• A full set of two CR123A batteries
• Remote pressure pad / switch (RPP / RPS)
• Secure RIS mount for 20mm rail

Yosser says: For airsofting this fits the bill and at a price that won’t break the bank, and you don’t have to order from China or pay costly postage with long waits for delivery. The Ultrafire WF501B feels solid, and is available in Xenon and without the rest of the kit if required. Remember to ask for a plastic lens just in case yours gets shot out (it happens!).

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