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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey plays its games mainly at the SWAT Urban & Woodland sites. Check out the links below for past SWAT posting and get a flavour of what we get up to (don't forget the Videos in the Video Archive Section as well!). Alternatively you can check out SWATs own web sites for more information on how to join in the fun. Just click these links below. We look forward to seeing you.

SWAT Urban
SWAT Woodland


The Versatile Training Grenade -VTG- from SWAT Training Devices is NOW available from their website - check out Caldymoose's FULL review to celebrate and get yours - check it out here!

More video to spoil you and ANOTHER SWAT exclusive - the BFGX-M84 & M84X - innovation from SWAT on the impact grenade - IMPACT has EVOLVED! - MORE HERE.

Yosser reviews the SWAT Training Devices - VTG - versatile Training Grenade -don't miss out of the great new device on the airsoft scene. Find out more HERE.

SWAT put out a press release on the VTG package and price - get your Versatile Training Grenade before they sell out at this price - check it out here!

Spy footage of the NEW DELAY BFG - called the V.T.G. Versatile Training Grenade, catch the footage HERE.

Possibly the BIGGEST news for SWAT for 2012 - they launch the NEW BFGX produced by SWAT Training Devices this is BIG Airsoft News. Watch the vid here.

Available from SWAT NOW the Magpul PTS AK Masada ACR, check out this video here.

SWAT become OFFICIAL MAGPUL Retailers here.

SWAT Retail Launch at AREA51 news here.

Special Preview of SWAT Urban's AREA51 site here.

NEW SWAT Urban site coming SOON here.

SWAT Urban at last gets the Yosser review treatmenthere.

SWAT in Airsoft Action Magazine:

SWAT Urban Area51 site reviewed in the fabulous Airsoft Action Magazine check out more here.

SWAT Urban Area51 along with some players appear HERE in a great article about Squad Designated Marksman.

SWAT Pictures that made the AI Magazine Gallery:

Dutch looking good

Rizzo on guard

LiAm taking pot shots

Carl Miller in AI magazine

HotDog's turn in the spot light

Team Weasel's appearance in AI magazine

SWAT 2012 Flash Traffic COMS can be found HERE. News, annoucements and maybe a skirmish or 2.

SWAT AAR for 2011 and goings on gathered, captured and held prisoner HERE.

SWAT Despatches for 2010 and other SWAT news and gossip HERE.

SWAT 2009 Skirmish Reports can be found HERE. Just in case you want to catch up with all our adventures and past news.

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