Special Projects

Posted by Unknown On Sunday, January 18, 2009

Special Projects

Home Of Special Projects on the Blog

Checkout these projects to get your DIY skills going:

Phoenix Rising – The ARES G36c from the ashes
The story of a Rebuild Bargain

You want an AEG to add to the armoury but times are hard, the countries tightening its belt (aren’t we all!) and you’re a bit short on cash to spend. Well let John Williams & Airsoft Odyssey guide you through the potential pitfalls and help in grabbing that bargain and the rebuild and upgrade process.

Part 1 Spotting the Bargain
Part 2 The Build
Part 3 Rise of the Phoenix
Part 4 The Phoenix Strikes
Part 5 Player Feedback - The final installment

Home Made SAPI Plates – For the Flyye WSH Weesatch
A Brief How To Guide

Materials required to do the make
Plus guidance on what you need to do

Check it out:

Home Made SAPI Plates (for your Flyye WSH Weesatch)

CheckOut Military1st.co.uk for plate carriers and tactical kit.

Phoenix Strikes Back – A TM G36K Recoil Sheds its skin for a new look
How a TM G36K 'Recoil' shed its skin for a new look

Modding a new TM rifle which is your pride and joy just for a new look can be scary! JohnnyJ the Tech guy from Raptor Airsoft takes you through a process step by step in his lates guide and offers advice and help along the way.

Phoenix Strikes Back

DIY Pistol Case – A Peli 1550 Case gets a new lease of life as a multiple carry Pistol Case
check out how to make yours!

Got loads of Pistols? Heading off with bags and bags of Pistols for IPSC or target shooting - this is the answer for you and it protects your pistols well in transit. Don't pay silly money for a case - make your own, Yosser shows you how.
DIY Pistol Case

Magpul PTS PDR – Magazine Lock & Loading Issues?
Find out how to FIX IT here!

So did you get a PDR and suffer some magazine issues with your latest pride & joy? - It's an easy enough fix - find out from Raptor Airsoft what you need to do - its really really easy!

Rapid Wraps - Mag Wraps
By US Night Vision Corp

Find out how to give your M4 Mags a stylish 'make-over' using these mag wraps - Rapid Wraps from US Night Vision Corps. These are available in a variety of camo styles, so matching your loadout shouldn't be a problem.
Rapid Wraps - fitted!

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