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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reviews of Retailers and Airsoft Fairs that I or friends of the blog have managed to visit:

Dingodogs Airsoft & Tactical Supplies (Heswall)
At long last we have an Airsoft shop based in the North West Reviewed by Yosser HERE...

2nd Airsoft Arms Fair (West Midlands)
Delta Team3
Yosser visits the home of the Airsoft Arms Fair, has a nosey round and writes a review HERE...

Dingodogs Airsoft & Tactical Supplies (Heswall) 2nd Review
Dingodogs shop gets the second opinion treatment from RDM's own Topcat HERE...

Military1st for Camouflage Clothing,Boots & Equipment
A UK, North West based Internet supplier with great choice of kit, prices and more HERE...

3rd Airsoft Arms Fair (West Midlands)
Yosser makes a return trip to the 3rd incarnation of the Airsoft Arms Fair, with loads of pictures for you lucky people HERE...

Airsoft Action Magazine
Airsoft Action Mag
Yosser takes a look at the latest airsoft mag on the market 'Airsoft Action Magazine' HERE...

4th Airsoft Arms Fair (West Midlands)
Yosser goes 'In Country' at the 4th Airsoft Arms Fair in the deepest darkest West Midlands to bring you this special 'war' report HERE...

Patrol Base, Huddersfield
Patrol Base
Good friend of Airsoft Odyssey 'Buddy' made the cross Pennine trip to Huddersfield and checks out Patrol base for blog readers, find out more HERE...

5th Airsoft Arms Fair (West Midlands)
Bamf & Yosser check out all the toys all the kit and lots more besides at AAF5checkout the review and video montage HERE...

NWACSS Swap & Shoot - LIVE!
NWACSS present Swap & Shoot - LIVE! from SWAT Urban Area51 checked out by Yosser HERE...

6th Airsoft Arms Fair (West Midlands)
Yosser reports back from AAF6 in the West Midlands -check out his video, with a promise of more to come... HERE...

NWACSS Swap & Shoot - LIVE 2!
Yosser investigates the 2nd North West Airsoft Community Swap & Sell event - video and more.... HERE...

British Airsoft Show - 2013
Yosser attends the British Shooting Show 2013 and reviews the British Airsoft Show section, see what he thought.... HERE...

7th Airsoft Arms Fair (West Midlands)
Yosser's review and video compilation of 'What you missed' from AAF7 - Be sure to check out his video, more to come as well... HERE...

British Airsoft Show - 2014
The British Airsoft Show 2014 - a review by Yosser and compilation video to go with it - did you make it on film? See it all... HERE...

Airsoft Expo - 2014
The UK can tick off another venue on the years airsoft events calendar. Check out the video & review... HERE...



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