Helikon Delta Jacket Review

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Helikon Delta Jacket - Reviewed by Yosser

Newly released and available from your tactical suppliers now, the DELTA Jacket is Helikons latest edition to their Urban Tactical range. This jacket oozes quality all the way, made from a high quality polyester, described as a ‘shark skin fabric laminated with a superfine fleece’. This jacket is lightweight, soft and well finished.

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Helikon Delta Jacket (click for larger images)

Externally the jacket looks much like any other fleece but the smooth ‘shark skin’ finish sets it apart from other more conventional fleeces available to the discerning buyer. At this point I must add how nice it is to see Helikon making more of their trademark Chameleon logo which is proudly displayed as a discrete logo on the left lower torso, plastic pulls on the external pockets and on the rubberised cuff adjusters. The nylon zippers are YKK so hopefully no zips easily pulling apart!

Unusually for a tactical jacket it has no sleeve pockets (which I miss), but does have the usual waist pockets which are nice and deep and should stow most things you would want to carry in a pocket. I like the idea of the zipped chest pocket, great for a wallet or mobile phone. Each pocket has a plastic shaped ‘pull’ for ease of use with gloves, ‘handy’ for the coming winter.

Helikon Delta Jacket (click for larger images)

Internally the jacket has the front panels ‘lined’ which forms the pockets from a mesh type material. Another unusual feature for a fleece is the inclusion of 3 internal zipped pockets, for that extra bit of security, 2 on the LHS again with the upper slit pocket backing onto the external pocket (it has a mirror on the RHS of the jacket); just don’t try keeping a bulky item in both of them. The lower of the pockets with a horizontal zip is spacious enough for use as a map pocket or something similar. With most people having mobiles, smart phones or mp3 players I feel an opportunity has been missed here for some sort of pass through between internal & external pockets for headphones, control leads to allow easy access to a device whilst leads can pass through internally.

Helikon Delta Jacket (click for larger images)

Some other quick features of the jacket include a super soft collar, very comfortable and warm. The sleeves have re-enforcement at the elbows and the jacket sports a draw string waist with cord locks. The jacket is machine washable on a 40 degree wash, drip dry, no iron.

Here are just some of the features:
  • High density and laminated surface (Shark Skin),
  • Lined with super fine fleece,
  • High collar (9cm/3,5'' high),
  • 6 pockets,
  • Velcro adjustable cuffs,
  • YKK zippers,
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Teflon laminated,
  • Drawstring waistband with cord locks.
Currently the Delta Jacket is only available in Foliage or Black:

Yosser says: I believe Helikon are now building up that BIG brand Image and the Delta Jacket can only enhance that image for them in the Urban Street Scene. What the jacket lacks for us airsofters is more than made up by the little touches such as the logo'd zipper pulls and cuff closures. The Delta Jacket would compliment a Contractor or urban look with belt kit and pistol for airsofters really well. The jacket is warm and easily washed with its Teflon protective coating. Just missing those sleeve pockets and velcro blanks for morale patches. Great work Helikon!

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  1. JohnnyJ Said,

    I got my self this jacket in FG , first time I used it was on the 29th of Jan, I'm glad I had the jacket as it was a very cold day ! with in minutes of putting the jacket on I was warm but not too hot and had full freedom of movement that larger coat would struggle with.
    As yosser has said this is great for a PMC type loadouts and for just wearing around town, even the wife loves it as it does not have the velcro panels most airsoft kit has.

    I have been thinking of any negative things I can say about the jacket but there arnt any

    Is it worth the cash.. yes ! so if your looking for a jacket you can use at airsoft games as well as daily use look no further than the Delta

    Posted on February 2, 2012 at 12:08 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Without prior written permission to blog owner,
    no part of the content in this site maybe reproduced.

    Posted on September 26, 2017 at 12:34 PM


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