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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Video Archives!

Check out all the Video Archives and CURRENT Postings here.

2015 Videos will appear here

Airsoft AssaultAirsoft Assault the FREE classifieds ad site for the UK have a prize up for grabs for advertisers during Feb/March. Check out the video & news...HERE.

The 2014 Video Archive.

Video Archive of posts from 2014 here.
Coverage from the British Airsoft Show 2014, plus new event Airsoft Expo 2015 and of course weapon features the WE Apache, Specna Arms SA-A07 and E&L AK104 both from Gunfire.pl. We also find out a surprise in our Gas video review. See them all below: Check them out.

The 2013 Video Archive.

Video Archive of posts from 2013 here.
Lots of original material here, including lots of coverage of the British Airsoft Show 2013, Stirling action, interviews and first looks at some nice bits of airsoft kit! Plus more check them ALL out below: Check them out.

The 2012 Video Archive.

Video Archive of posts from 2012 here.
More great original videos from Airsoft Odyssey including happenings at the NWACSS LIVE events and of course Stirling Airsoft, Milspec, and Raptor at the AAF5 and 6. Lots of weapons of course from Special Teams Carbine and the SiG556 plus guest video from CaldyMoose and his ASW338LM Plus more from 2012 Check them out.

The 2011 Video Archive.

Archive of all the great video posts from 2011 here.
Lots of AAF4 coverage from new gear to BB Bastard to AIPSC. Also introducing Airsoft Bob in the SoftGear special. Plus many more for 2011! Check them out.

The 2010 Video Archive.

Archive of all the great video posts from 2010 here.
Including the brilliant Hurt Locker Video in full glory, plus the Magpul PTS preview and some of Nutz's vids from various SWAT events. Check them out.

The 2009 Video Archive.

Find all the great video posts from 2009 here.
From the various SWAT skirmish videos to the IWA 2009 show and of course the preview of the KA 556 not to mention the Foam AMMO! Check them out.

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