Swat Skirmish Report for 11th October 2009

Posted by Unknown On Monday, October 26, 2009

New Buildings, New Scenarios

Yet another superb day's Skirmishing at SWAT Urban.

How do they do it? New Scenarios and yet another new building opened up for some CQB fun.

The 'new' game scenario proved popular with all the skirmishers present on day. The scenario was a variation upon the 'Black Hawk Down' theme; one team having to rescue and safely transport their downed man, from one area of the 'Hospital Block' to another, whilst defenders did their best to stop 'em! This lead to some hard and bitter fighting in the former 'Hospital Block' and the addition of palettes for cover in the more open spaces was welcomed by both defenders and attackers in what proved to be a target rich environment for both teams. The scenario was made more difficult in the first place by the 'attackers' having to force entry into the building and with only the one entrance, the fight was on!

A new twist to the legend of SWAT Urban was the really quick turn around of games. None of your usual back to the 'Safe Zone' for 'tea and medals' (or ,as is more likely, restock the ammo, quick drink and well earned rest); this time it's straight into part 2 of the scenario with a 'rolling' format style of game straight into a new block just opened up for us to airsoft in, Block 32.

Block 32, much like some of the other blocks on site but with tighter corridors yet with a more 'inhabited' feel to it. It might be just me but the more the site 'opens up' to the various great scenarios run by SWAT the more it's getting a 'village' feel to it. It's rather like skirmishing around one of those FIBUA sites we all drool over.

Anyway, some hints from the day for future events at SWAT:

Take plenty of ammo/loaded magazines if you have them. This will save you trips 'out of the game' back to the safe zone for reloads for those quick turn around games.

Use your ammo 'sparingly', this might mean less of the 'spray and pray' hose fests with players expending as much ammo as possible to take down just one target. Short considered bursts will surfice for these games.

Carry everything you think you might need (but without going OTT), ammo, drinks, spare AEG battery and Mars Bars (well we all get hungry!) - if your in a team maybe a conveniently located 'Go-bag' with essentials could be stashed.

Pictures are reproduced courtesy of SWAT ©2009.

Feedback from members:

"Simply the best game day i've had at SWAT "

"enjoyed it very much, was alot more hard work doing the continuous run through rather than stopping"

"the new game format worked brilliantly, well done to everyone who organised it and put it together"

"The new building is awesome... very tight corridors and lots of little rooms... Can't wait to play in there again "

To join in the fun the next date for your diary @:

SWAT Urban is on 1st November 2009

(Check out the contact details on the SWAT website links above on how to join in)

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