SWAT Skirmish Report for 22nd Nov 2009

Posted by Unknown On Sunday, November 29, 2009

Attack, Defend and do it Again!

Another great event with a good mixture of players, from seasoned veterans to beginners, attending the meeting held at Saighton Nr Chester. Despite the potential for poor weather SWAT Urban continued on its relentless path to everything that is the best in Urban Airsoft Warfare in the North West!

Continuing with the highly successful ‘rolling’ game format, the day started out with a ‘sweeping’ through the CQB Block; whilst a retreating ‘Green’ Team, in a ‘Fall Back’ style game, were quickly vanquished back to the Hospital Block (which just keeps getting better each time it’s played). This time roles were reversed with Greens now attacking the defending Whites who held on solidly.

Regular players at SWAT are now getting used to these ‘rolling’ games. Carrying all the spare ammo you can possible lug, as well as making the best use of time between re-spawns to restock on those vital supplies.

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After lunch a quick defence of the ‘Officers Mess’ by the ‘Greens’ led to some fun in a darkened corridor with one skilfully placed Claymore taking out a large number of enemy ‘Whites’. They didn’t even know what had hit them!

Once the Greens had been ousted from their block it was onto a street fighting game, which happens to be a firm favourite of this correspondent. The ‘White’ Team defended the street really well and could be safely confirmed as certain victors, especially as the clock ran down and time ran out for the attacking ‘Greens’. It has to be said the ‘Whites’ also had a distinct wind advantage in the scenario well outranging the attacking ‘Greens’ despite the surging attacks by Green forces. The day was rounded off with a reversal of the Hospital block with the ‘Whites’ clearing out the compound before clearing out the main Hospital Block.

On the whole, a great day’s skirmishing at SWAT Urban. Watch out for Decembers 2009 special event which is going to re-run an Alien Vs Predator theme. Don’t miss out on the next event coming soon on December 13th 2009. AVP2 it's the highlight of the year.

You can catch a video of some of the days action HERE

If you would like to join in the fun check out the link below for details on how to contact SWAT to make a booking:

SWAT Urban.

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