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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, April 15, 2010

SWAT from the FrontLine 28th March 2010 Skirmish

I keep saying this but the Sun always shines at SWAT whenever we skirmish it seems. (Well not always but we do seem to get lucky with the weather!).

A great ‘kick-off’ to the day was with a ‘Street fighting’ game which as anyone knows is my favourite! The Blues did defend well but crumpled quickly under the pressure of heavy Red attack. This has to be a record for taking the ‘Street’ eventually with Blues pulling back to the Hospital area.

On defence the Blues held the ‘Compound’ well and it took a while before Reds infiltrated into the Hospital Block. Lots of sneaky play with well thought out hiding places by Blues to spring well co-ordinated attacks with good arcs of cross fire to contend with by the unsuspecting Red Team. I dived through one of the doors and came under a hail of fire from both sides. Next time around I crawled through the doorway and fired from a position which had me on my back supporting my trusty SiG with my feet while I rained fire at the doorway some fire was coming from. Great time!

The games followed the now regular format of ‘rolling scenarios’ which makes for a great day’s airsofting. Players just need to ensure they have plenty of ammo, batteries and other spares as well as the odd drink to keep hydrated and maybe a snack if you get hungry like me!

Next game up was a switch around with Reds on defence in the CQB Block which the Blues stormed with great gusto after taking poundings in the previous 2 games so they where out to ‘Get Some’. Not sure of the numbers playing this day but it did get very busy down some of those corridors with plenty of fire being laid down.

Lunch was well earned by all sides and after the restart it was Reds turn to protect the VIP in the Officers mess Building. It took the Blues a while to ingress but they concentrated their attack on one pot and made it in. Some of the other entrance points where getting hit to keep us reds busy but these proved diversionary. I managed a good few kills with my KSC M9 GBB pistol as I covered a doorway. Great fun!

The final battle of the day was a re-run of the ‘High Street’ game but in reverse with Blues forcing a retreat of the Reds. I’d swapped out my battery on the ICS SiG 552 for an 11.1v Lipo which resulted in an awesome rate of fire. Along with the rest of the Reds crew we kept the Blues pretty much pinned down until they called in an Airstrike.

The SiG performed well and I must have emptied at least 2 mags in a few minutes (I’m not a fan of the ‘hosing down’ technique but sometimes it is fun!)

To sum up it was another great day at SWAT Urban with great friends old and new and a great team of Marshalls covering the day and making it enjoyable and safe for everyone. Good to see plenty of newcomers as well. Big up to Nutz for running it all.

Pictures Copyright 2010 By SWAT NUTZ (used by permission).

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Just some of the comments by SWAT members:

"good day, very fast and tough"

"GREAT day!!
thanks to all the marshals and staff that put in their hard work as usual!"

"a great day today my first game and the people were good team players and easy to work with"

"Big thanks to nuts and all the staff for a great day and the blues for being good targets"

Do you have any memories from the day? Feel free to give us your comments from this great days Airsofting

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