Black Hawk Down @ SWAT

Posted by Unknown On Sunday, May 30, 2010

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Black Hawk Down @ SWAT
' 3 Factions, zero trust'
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Continuing with the popular 'Themed Events' at SWAT Urban, BlackHawk Down came to Chester in what proved to be a meat-fest of confusion, fast paced action and double crossing deals, trust no-one!

As usual with these big events the scenarios for the day were pre-posted on the SWAT forums for all to digest. This didn't mean that they would all be followed to the letter of course. Alls fair in love & war as they say and this proved correct in all the deals to be made and double crossing between the factions. In true SWAT style we were all split up into 3 teams rather than the usual 2 (this was going to make for some very interesting gaming).

The Factions:

Somalian Rebels - the 'Home Team', a lawless bunch of rebels and scoundrels led by a vicious and ruthless warlord.

The Contractors - available to hire by the highest bidder, in truth on no-ones side but their own.

SpecFor - as usual 'looking good saving the world' with missions to complete despite hindrance from all sides

The whole urban site was once more in play and in what is becoming the norm at SWAT, 360 degree warfare. Should you defend, try to go for one of your objectives, split your forces or wait and see? These scenarios really call for good leadership and excellent command of your troops from all factions and a good contingency for those little surprises that get thrown into the mix from time to time.

As part of this skirmish each team had assigned medics (complete with make-shift 'paddles' to zap people back to life) and 'bleed-out' rules in case you had no medic available. It should be mentioned here that the medics on the day did a great job despite the heat of the day with all their running around at the shout of 'MEDIC' all around.

Various scenarios involved:

Drug Deals, Pilot Rescue, Bribing officials, Plant the C4, Convoy escort and attack.

Special mention should be made of the Contractors intelligent play who planted the C4 in the hospital despite stiff resistance by asking for a leaders meeting and then popping a cap into them and later taking the SF base (whilst allied to them) in order to rack up the points total for their team, good thinking guys.

All in all a really great days themed skirmish with well balanced teams.

Pictures By SWAT NUTZ.

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Just some of the comments by SWAT members:

"The whole day was very enjoyable, the senarios were top notch and the props were great. Big up to all the players today, hope you had as much fun as I did"

"BHD was absolutly awesome day"

"The biggest thanks goes to Paul and your team if it was not for your time and effort none of this would be passable or enjoyable "

"Big up to all the marshalls for making it possible and all the players for making it such a damn good day"

"that was awesome. one of the best games ive played for a long time"

Do you have any memories from the day? Feel free to give us your comments from this great days Airsofting

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