Magpul Masada PTS Production Update

Posted by Unknown On Friday, July 23, 2010

MagPul PTS Masada Production Model Update- by Scuffer.

The Sexy MagPul PTS Masada ACR in full glory

The Magpul PTS Masada ACR must be the most eagerly anticipated AEG release of 2010 if you haven't already checked out the brilliant pre-production review by Scuffer of this AEG then check it out here, now.

Pre-Production Update by Scuffer:
Ok chaps to add some more fuel for the fire of the endless speculation on here and other forums, here are a few more pictures! I’ve been sitting on these for a while now – they show a final production model of the Masada (00003).

click to enlarge for more detail

You’ll notice a few differences in it – firstly the gearbox shell and markings, the shell being black with ‘PTS’ markings along with other parts looking far more shiny and refined. Secondly with these better pictures you’ll be able to see some of the very nice detail, markings and finish of the externals up close and personal. Also I’ve included a few pictures of the standard foregrip.

Just to confirm a few things for people – this is the standard off the shelf set-up – 14’ barrel, fixed stock, standard foregrip; also a MBUIS and P-Mag will be included. For the UK forum members, you guys will have to wait an extra week or two after the rest of the world due to the UK spec Masada being made in a difference batch to the rest of the world (RoHS compliant, 330FPS and all legit UK ones will have a mark or hologram from the importer).

Note the PTS Logo on Pistol Grip (click to enlarge)

A few things that jumped out at me from this again was how solid and refined the finished thing felt, the operation was the same – still smooth and snappy and overall feeling very balanced. You’ve all heard me waffling on about the Masada’s pro’s in game and the quality of the parts and quick take down features, and this finished model confirms my thoughts on it really!

Review By Scuffer.

*Please note: I am not affiliated to MagPul Inds/PTS, or any importer/shop/site – I do not own this AEG I have simply been given access to it and asked if I would like to carry out a review, I am not making any profit or personal gain from doing this, I’m simply trying to play with some nice kit and bring some extra information to other airsofters. If you wish to replicate any part of this review or use the pictures from it please credit them with belonging to me

Dingodogs Update

Just to let you know that the first shipment should be arriving at beginning of September! Our shipment will include Masada`s in BLACK, FLAT DARK EARTH & FOLIAGE GREEN! The UK Release will be slightly behind the rest of the world as the UK Masada`s are being made on a separate production run as the UK Masada`s will all be at 328fps (1 Joule) and marked up with holograms etc especially for the UK market!

We have had a massive response to our pre order registration! We are offering FREE DELIVERY with all our pre ordered Masada`s!! The price will be £399.99. Once our shipment has all been sold the next shipment will not arrive in the UK for approx 4-6 months time so get one while you can!!

I can reveal as of 22/07/10 we only have 10 Flat Dark Earth, 9 Black & 5 Foliage green left that are available for Pre Order!

If you would like to Pre order register your interest send an email to : include your name, post code, contact tel no & UKARA or Skirmish Site membership details. You can also Pre Order by calling 0844 846 28 26.

Trade and Wholesale enquiries also welcome!

Thanks, Dingodog, (Dingo Dogs Airsoft)

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