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Posted by Unknown On Monday, July 19, 2010

SWAT FrontLine Despatch for 18Th July 2010 Skirmish.

The Final Frontier (Skirmish that is!)

As was fitting to send Saighton out with a bang a good turn out was essential and the members didn't let her down. Many of the usual regulars and teams with some new member’s young and old showing up for what proved a weekend airsoft feast of BB's & BFG action. In celebration of this special event the festivities kicked off on the Saturday evening with some night games, maybe a little 'ghost hunting', and a camp over and BBQ (complete with some of Hotdog's 'Special Sauce' I'm told) for those that wanted the full Après airsoft experience.

Game day as normal on the Sunday morning - but I'm not aware of any 'sharp' awakenings with a BFG in a tent!

It was kind of apt that for the last day that the weather should be in mourning for the passing of this great Urban Skirmish site. The weather drizzled but that soon fizzled out but the heat and humidity stayed! Much fun and jokes at the usual pre-game safety briefing and all those over 18 given a goody bag containing a pyro to send the place off with a BANG. Unusually for a SWAT Urban game day in the venue we could us BFG's outside including 12g's - great fun, sorry neighbours but it was our last ever day there!

Into the first game it was 'Hunt the Bomb' in the CQB block then get it through the opposing teams door. Blues were well out classed in this game and Reds won easily by achieving domination of the corridors straight from the off. Special mention here to young Jake who took command of the bomb and got it through the Blues controlled door - well done!

More classic SWAT Urban games were the order of the day with 'Block Wars' between the Officers Mess and to spread the fighting across the site more, the Hospital Block. All fights were well performed from both sides but it has to be said the Reds in most cases won the day - although the Blues came really close in the 'Block Wars' game just being pipped by the elite 'SWAT Team' taking out the Hospital Block just before us Blues taking the Dark Corridor in the Officers Mess. In one 'High Street' game I thought I'd got an ideal shooting spot and did manage to bump off a number of Reds thinking the area was clear but a well placed Frag took me out - scary when it lands so close you can smell the fuse burning - I just sighed and called my hit just before it went off. It was well placed! A word of warning to youngsters here, never attempt to throw a burning pyro or BFG back - chances are you'll never make it and you'll probably hurt yourself in the process!

Despite the Blues losing most of the early games we managed a turn around and won the day, but it was a close run thing. It was a great day and so good to see a great turn out including some old friends not seen for a little while.

The Gang @ SWAT Urban Picture courtesy Saint

This site will be missed so much by so many.

I do hope when the houses and school are built here a small child will pick a BB up and ask 'What is this Mummy?' - We will have left our legacy!

Just some of the feedback from SWAT members:

"...What a weekend to finish it off people!..."

"Cheers guys for making it one to remember"

"Thanks to the staff for running this game day, and in fact Saighton itself over the time I've been playing there"

"Sad to see the end of the best site I have played yet"

Do you have any memories from this site or the day? Feel free to give us your comments

AND now for some GREAT NEWS - Paul/NUTZ from SWAT Urban has hinted at future developments for a SWAT Urban 2! - keep the faith guys! - 'pray and it shall be!'

The next Game day is back to good 'ol' Parkgate for a bit of Woodland action on 1st August 2010

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  1. Bleh Said,

    I have enjoyed some of the best days airsofting i've ever had at Saighton. The staff are professional and friendly, the players are welcoming and honourable and everything is done to make our gaming as enjoyable as possible. I look forward to the new site and yet more fun and antics :)

    Posted on August 2, 2010 at 10:17 PM


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