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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Delta Team 3 Pathfinder Airsoft Merseyside (Nr. Skem) - a review by Yosser

I decided it was time for a little North West road trip to see 'how the other half live & skirmish'. So I packed my kit and my trusty SiG552 and went off Woodland skirmishing, but I didn't have to travel far from home! I don't think I've done 'woodland' for over a year now! So a review is in order I think.

First a bit of background, Delta team 3 have been established for about 3 years now and are a small group based on Merseyside. They are UKARA registered and also offer parachute training! They often run charity events in aid for Help for Heros to name but one.

Their credo from their Facebook group:

"a great friendly site for anyone wanting to get into airsofting, and for the hard core softers too.a good day had by all"

The Fort just one of the environments (click to enlarge)Images Authors Own

Delta Team 3 (Merseyside) Pathfinder are an airsofting group based near Skelmersdale (known as Skem to most scousers!).
The site is a short drive from Junction 4 off the M58. The groups website has a good map of how to get there and the facebook group also has written instructions, so check them out for details. Use WN8 8UT for your SatNav (it works, I tried it!) - just watch out for the small turn into the un-named road (kind of opposite Slate Lane) - I have pointed out that an 'A Board' outside with 'Airsoft' would help people find the right road/track! You will need to follow the track down to the end past the 'fishing hole' and farm house. You will see the building signed as 'Combat Paintball'. Plan to arrive for about 9ish for sign-in and setup etc with a 'game-on' called at 10am.

I suppose it's to be expected that as an established paintball site ('Combat Paintball') that facilities are good. The safe zone has the usual Camo netting roof and benches for setting up and of course sitting down and resting after some hard skirmishing! car Parking is good but be aware that a footpath goes right past so make sure you lock up. Free fizzy soft drinks and water are available and of course a welcome lunch of sausage sarnies and or burgers - they just need to source some sauce for them please. Thanks to Alan for the cooking mate, nice one.

Safe Zone Images@ Delta Team 3 (click to enlarge)Images Authors Own

Toilet facilities are good and ladies are catered for as well, no going 'au naturale' behind a tree at this site!

Game Play
The site has a variety of terrains which include 'Forts' and more unusually an 'abandoned' convoy of vechicles all of these are utilised in your usual fayre of attack/defend type games. The 'bases' are well setup and thought-out with 'lookout towers' and the kind of setup that reminds me of a Forward Operating Base from the Vietnam war films, all ideal for the snipers out there! The site is compact compared to some vast sites but good use is made of it and surprisingly has a varied terrain and multiple playing areas.

Players @ Delta Team 3 (click to enlarge)Images Authors Own

Game play tends to favour multiple respawns for the attacking team and hit and out for the the defenders, this always gives the advantage to the attackers but does lead to a quick turn around in games so you do get a good variety of scenarios and turns-a-piece at attack & defend. I have suggested a possible simple variation be adopted that defenders could fall back, or limited medic rules, this may make the challenge harder for the attackers.

This site has the potential to be quite muddy in some parts so make sure you wear a good pair of boots - in fact its insisted upon!

Delta Team 3's site has a small regular group of skirmishers which basically Marshall themselves, they are welcoming of new players both experienced and 'old timers', geardos and those in civies and are more than happy to show new-comers 'the ropes'. Pyros are allowed on site as are smoke grenades and BFG's.

Delta Team 3 (click to enlarge)Images Authors Own

My sincere thanks to Alan, Duane and of course Matt 'Gaffa' and a great bunch of players for making me welcome and providing a very tiring but excellent days skirmishing. I really enjoyed my 'relaxed' days woodland, just forgot the legs are getting old now. I hope to see you all again soon.

This site is well worth a visit and you can find out more as well as future game dates at their Facebook page and of course keep up with events and announcements via their Web Presence (be sure to visit their forum link as well!).

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    thanks for the review mate even though im quite a newbie on the airsoft front i think i can say thanks on behalf of all the delta guys!

    hope to see you again.

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