Posted by Unknown On Monday, September 20, 2010

(boy would I love one of these!)

Probably one of the most exciting (and much hyped) developments to happen in airsofting this promises to be an interesting release by ICS of the MX5 -Pro. An AEG which promises much in the form of an 'electronic' 3 round burst fire mode! I can tell you I'm just bursting at the seams to see this in operation.

Here is the summary of the MX5-Pro features:

1. Reproduction stamped steel gun body
2. ICS Patented H2E High efficiency & effective electronic control tri-burst technology
3. ICS exclusive split gear box technology
4. ICS quick disassembly/assembly design
5. Advanced electric current break system
6. Super convenient spring tension release function
7. M.R.S. MX5-Pro Tactical hand guard and S.F.S. stock(ICS-019)
8. Reproduction real steel made retractable stock.(ICS-018)
9. Replaceable front sight post

I'm really looking forward to seeing one of these babies in the field and seeing how it performs - given the ICS brand I expect a quality AEG. This is the way I suspect the rest of the market will be going - expect to see an explosion in Mosfets being fitted!

Pictures are courtesy of ICS


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