Helikon Camogrom Utility Pouch Review

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Helikon Camogrom EOD Pack/ Utility Pouch - Reviewed by Yosser

Helikon, Camogrom, and EOD, no I'm not making these names up. If you've not heard of these before keep reading - I'm sure you will see more and more of this excellent gear on the skirmish fields of Britain as time goes on.

Firstly let me explain that 'Camogrom' is the camouflage of choice to the Polish Special Forces (and some German forces I'm told). Offering similar properties as the 'original' Crye Multicam Pattern, but at a fraction of the cost, this is a great multi environment Camo for all situations and of course is manufactured by Helikon-Tex Ltd. It is also compatible with the new British Army's Multi Terrain Pattern Camo. Oh and EOD stands for 'Explosive Ordance Disposal' but not that, that matters in this case.

One problem I've been looking for a solution to is the temptation to carry far more kit into the field than I physically need. Sometimes a tac-vest is just over-kill and far to warm in summer (remember this is 'airsoft'). What is needed is a smaller solution and this 'man bag' fits the bill just nicely.

Helikon Camogrom Utility Bag (click to enlarge)

This pack is a great piece of kit to skirmish with. It can hold everything from gas, magazines, BB's, batteries and more beside.

The great thing about the bag is its total versatility with Molle webbing front, back and bottom and options from detactable shoulder strap, a grab handle and Molle straps to attachment to belts, backpacks or whatever. The bag features dual heavy duty zippers with big cords to make it easy for those using gloves.

On the inside you can find plenty of space for your gear along with 2 quick access pockets big enough to hold a M4 magazine each or other gear as you wish (the good news here for me is that they will also hold a dual SiG 552 magazine each as well!). Also in the bag is a large mesh pocket which is useful to keep kit seperate and you will find two snaps and other points to attach your equipment on lanyards for example, handy for keys or torches for example.

Yosser says: This bag is a good all-rounder and can be used for diverse activities from cycling travel pack, first aid kits, car kit, day pack or a range bag. I also think this is big enough to hold a netbook with Power supply and mouse (although you may wish to add some padding) if the fancy took you. On a more personal note between airsoft skirmishing events I think this bag may get some use by me when out walking and geocaching, for all the bits and bobs that you need from drinks to maps and guide books. I bet we see increasing use of these 'man-bags' as made famous by Jack Bauer in TV series '24'! The perfect choice for police, military, EMT, fishing, hunting and every other outdoor activity you can think of.

A great piece of kit at good price as well! Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed with this as part of your kit.

This item is available from Dingodog's Airsoft & Tactical Supplies for approx £25 (correct at the time of writing)

Summary of Features:

Dimensions: about 30 x 22 x 12cm (dimensions of the empty bag)

Molle loops:
Front: 8x4
Back: 7x3 (plus 4molle attachment straps)
Bottom: 6x2

2x Magazine pockets (capable of holding 2x magazines each
1x large net pocket with velco secured nylon flap

Material: 100% Nylon

Handles: 1 carry handle, 1 removable shoulder strap.

Available in: Olive, Black, Coyote and of course, Camogrom (Multicam, MTP style)

the label inside shows:
NSN: 8465-01-000-8135

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  1. Simon Crosbie Said,

    I'll add a few comments to this review as I'm finding I use my manbag on a daily basis for work.

    I carry far too much crap with me and this takes most of it happily. (Although I must admit it also has a WAS medium utility, double M4 NSR in tan and double 9mm multicam pouches molle'd on to the front - and a WAS OD triple shingle on the back)

    I've also got a WAS Grab Bag in OD as a comparison.

    The Helikon bag is holding up well to daily use and has reglarly wedged inside:-
    Leatherman in pouch, fountain pen case (incl. pen), small taclight, A4 notepad, magazine (of the paper, for reading, variety), iPad in case, iPad/iPhone cable, several pens, iPhone headphones, paracetomol, various bits of rubbish in the big pouch, glasses case, contact lens case..

    It's quite expandable. THe utility also holds half a dozen pens and pencils, small sketchpad, notebook, USB drive, iPad/phone PSU, Wallet.
    M4 pouch usually carries sunglasses and case and the 9mm pouches have an antibacterial handwash and a small DAB radio.

    Shingles hold the iPhone, tin of sweets/mints and anothe chunky mechanical pencil ina box, with a knife to sharpen it!

    So, all in all it holds a lot of stuff.

    On a construction level, it's not as well stitched as my WAS grab bag and it is a lot less rigid. There's a lot of fraying around the zip at one end, but currently doesn't seem to be in any rush to fall to bits. The strap is firmly held on with a big popper and velcro (so firm I've split a thumbnail trying to get it open!) It also has a very hand big fastex clip at one end, which is great if the bag is full and you don't want to decapitate yourself getting it off. The carry handle is also very useful and I wish the WAS bag had one...

    Overall, I'd have to agree with Yosser, it's a really good general purpose utility bag. I was disappointed when I first unpacked it, as I was so used to the WAS grab bag. However, after 3 months batteringdaily, for everyday use, it's great. As for the price, it's a full £30 at least cheaper (even if I do have about £40 of extra pouches on it!).


    Posted on April 9, 2011 at 8:55 PM


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