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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, January 04, 2011

WATCH OUT for SWAT regular, great player and all round good guy:


Player Name:
Paul “Hotdog”

Security Contractor

Local Skirmish Site:
SWAT Urban

Airsoft Experience:
12 months

Alpha Wolf - Formed by getting a group of mates together and before you knew it we were a team! We're still in the early stages of team development, and we are just enjoying playing together, sharing rides and stuff. Now there are 10 of us. We don’t have a team captain and are not taking things too seriously; I tend to do most of the organising of tactics and road trips. The team ethos is that we are always willing to help other airsofters out and don’t mind other people playing with our team, we don’t give the impression of being a "click", we always welcome people with open arms.
Hotdog in Woodland Hotdog @ SWAT Prowling Hotdog
Hotdog (click to enlarge)

What got you started in airsofting?
Something was missing after I left the Military, Airsoft gives me the Fix I need.

King Arms “Troy” M4 CQB & KJW “Sig” P226.
Load Out:
Templar / Warrior RICAS Vest (Tan) and mix and match between Multicam / ACU and Softshell Jackets.

Fav Item of Kit:
RICAS Vest - its top quality and can be changed around to suit different missions. I left the Army in 2003 and the whole modular type systems were just coming out at the time. Being used to PLCE Webbing, Chest rigs and COP Vests during my service, all with fixed pouches, I think that modular vests that you can insert armour into and change pouches is a very useful bit of kit.

Hotdog fighting the VC! @SWAT Area51
Hotdog with Troy M4

Top Tip:
Look after your kit and it will look after you.

Fav War Movie:

Airsoft, Mountain Treking and Survival Training .

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Pictures courtesy of SWAT Urban, including NUTZ, TomO and Hotdog's own

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