Dynatec Impact BFG

Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, March 02, 2011


GOTTA Get ME one of them!

About time to. Most of you familiar with the much loved Dynatec BFG (Blank Firing Grenade) will just love this latest piece of kit from Dynatec!


This grenade detonates when falling onto a hard surface and is unsuitable for use on soft ground or in dirty or dusty conditions. Ideal situations include : Hostage rescue, House clearance, airsoft and training situations. These grenades use the 9mm/.38 blanks. Do not throw at other players but aim to hit the floor close to them, other uses leave approx 1mtr from floor on door handles or shelves etc and use as booby traps. The grenade self primes after every operation!!!!

OMG - it self primes, no more struggling with a 'lollipop' to prime the thing!AND it's made of the same hard wearing materials as the original we all know and love to pieces!

Want to see some BFG fun - then checkout my YOUTUBE CHANNEL for blowing stuff up!

I feel the wallet coming out! now who's got them in stock!

Arhhh Dingo you life saver! Get yours here as well!
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