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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, March 06, 2011

FilmSim Airsoft - A report by MistyAssasin aka Rooster

Many airsofters have discovered the joys of Filmsim Airsoft events.

I’m sure everyone has heard of Milsim games and knows they usually have some form of team kit requirements, normally green or desert camouflage, long realistic scenarios, with set ammo limits. Again, I’m sure most airsofters are aware that many themed, often historical, events take place on sites right across the UK.

So what is Filmsim? In a nut shell Milsim but with stricter kit rules and is more combat and role-play. When you dig a little deeper you find a more realistic and an often more enjoyable experience. Like Milsim these games have realistic scenarios, ammo limits and such like; however the stricter kit rules, troop disposition and scenario give the game more of an atmosphere. Props and special effects are often used to enhance the atmosphere and add an air of reality. For instance you can be playing a game set in “War torn 1940’s Europe”. The right type of woodland or urban environment with added bangs here and there starts to give a true feeling of being there. On a recent event, I attended, mock artillery strikes were used via a large “Blank firing” artillery piece on one side of the site.

Another thing, I think is worth mentioning here about Filmsim games, is that there are generally fewer marshals present. I’m sure that the regular skirmisher crowd could be a little put off by this; however, they often don’t need marshals as most of the players are genuine enthusiasts and take the games very seriously. Yes, I’m generalizing a bit here but even with the fewer marshals, in my experience & opinion, the games ran smoother than at my local site that are often heavily marshaled and controlled. I’m sure you can guess nothing ruins the effects of having all the kit requirements than seeing a hi-vis day-glo jacketed marshal strolling through a period set fire-fight. Don’t get me wrong marshals are needed on walk-on open days with new players to prevent any potential cheating but with experienced players taking it to filmsim levels you shouldn’t really need them too much.

Somewhere on the Eastern Front

Unfortunately for us here in the North West most of these games seem to be based in the South of England but I can assure readers they are often well worth the drive. I would very much suggest you try at least a single filmsim day in the future, make it your next road trip. Try Gunman Airsoft; offering Wild West to Modern Warfare, they have it all.

I would very much like to see Filmsim events here in the North West. With sites dotted all over the North West that would make brilliant venues for filmsim events. I’m surprised no one has run any of these. For instance SWAT Urban in my opinion would be good for Resident Evil and other horror themed games, Anzio Camp good for just about any scenario and Cerberus Sandpit would be good for any scenarios based in desert like terrains. I would very much suggest that site operators in the North West take Filmsim scenarios into consideration whether they be Modern, Historic or even SCI FI.

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