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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MORE Exciting Airsoft Arms Fair News!

Right you'll remember the great news about Pete Winner attending AAF3 (
here). Well the AAF3 goes from strength to strength with a great annoucement via the show sponsors Edgar brothers Airsoft Division.

Edgar Brothers, are donating £1000 worth of there fabulous kit, for on the day prizes at the AAF3.

We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too much yet, but we are really pleased with the prizes they have offered.

Edgar Brothers is one of the oldest, most well established importers and wholesalers of firearms, ammunition and associated products in the UK and Northern Ireland. They are the UK distributors for Magpul, Blackhawk, Surefire, Danner and many more.

Book or UPGRADE your tickets via the website.

AND remember AI are the official media partners of the 2011 AAF, and if you are wearing an AI patch on arrival at site you will receive a £1 refund back on your ticket price

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