SWAT AAR for 13 March 2011

Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SWAT After Action Report for 13th March 2011

Bit of a change from the 'normal' After Action Report that the blog usually covers. Of course we had the normal days hard hitting and heavy skirmishing, just the way we all like it. Even with the events running weekly and lower numbers this makes the days activities somehow much more enjoyable and those taking part do get a lot out of the day. Fighting is more intense and free flowing without some of the 'bottle necks' that can sometimes occur in CQB scenarios.

Anyway I wanted you all to enjoy this great piece of video from Simons88 who has his own Youtube Channel Here . Excellent video keep up the good work.

The video embedded here shows some great detail of the SWAT Urban Area51 site. Long corridors, stairs, rooms and offices & plenty of them. One of the truely GREAT NORTHWEST airsoft venues right on our doorsteps! & of course filmed in glorious HD

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