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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Airsoft Arms Fair Tickets Going FAST!

Checkout the latest update from AAF3:

With only 6 weeks left its exciting times for us in regard to the upcoming Airsoft Arms Fair, the early entry tickets have all sold out. That’s right folks, no 10am tickets left. There is still plenty of opportunity for you to attend with tickets still available in the 11.30am and 1pm time slots. There are also tickets for what promises to be a fascinating presentation on the Iranian Embassy Siege by Pete Winner (Soldier I).

That on top of the ever expanding list of retailers and sites attending is making us a little giddy with excitement. Along with previous Fair attendees such as Dingo Dogs, BadgerTac, and East Midlands Airsoft, we are pleased to welcome LandWarrior, Soldier of Fortune and Rules of Engagement, amongst others.

This show is lining up to be the biggest and best so far. So make sure you visit our Facebook  page here and follow us on TWITTER  for all the latest updates.

Don't forget the fabulous prizes on offer from Edgar Brothers, as they are donating £1000 worth of there fabulous kit.

AND remember AI are the official media partners of the 2011 AAF, and if you are wearing an AI patch on arrival at site you will receive a £1 refund back on your ticket price.

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