The Search for Boots

Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Boots PLEASE!

Well, after 3 plus years, my Magnum Boots FINALLY after much abuse gave up and split at the zip. I can't thank these boots enough I'm sure they prevented many a twisted or even on one occasion a possible broken ankle. No matter whether it's woodland with mud, wet leaves, pine needles and broken branches, or urban with its own challenges like tarmac, broken glass, brick, rubble and wet floors these boots DID see me through!

During my last skirmish however they did FAIL! The zipped side on the LHS just split open. Trying to get the zip back together again resulted in breaking off a good few nylon teeth. So now the boots are of course TOTALLY KNACKERED! Just fit for the bin. Guess the zip on these boots was the weakest point.

Magnum Boots now past it!

So now the search for new boots STARTS. So for me, I guess colour is not an important factor but I do like the convenience of the side zip and the higher length boot.

So with so many great boots on the market which to go for?.

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