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Posted by Unknown On Monday, July 18, 2011

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Coming SOON to Airsoft Odyssey

We get hands on with the fabulous BURST WIZARD from http://www.blogger.com/www.aegwizard.com which is hailed as the easiest way of installing a MOSFET in your AEG!

NOT only have we got the BURST WIZARD LV but we also have its BIGGER BROTHER the BURST WIZARD 'KING KONG'.

Now that I mainly use LIPOs in the AEG's I run nowadays, switching to a MOSFET makes great sense if only for the active braking, trigger and motor control these devices give you.

BurstWizard MOSFET

Click the banner for a full run down on the capabilities of these 'slot' in Mosfets that just sit between the wiring and the battery and fit really easy without the need for complex wiring.

When I've used these I'll of course be giving you guys a FULL run down on each of these Burst Wizards.

Keep watching the blog.

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For a full run down on the capabilities of these little beauties checkout the BurstWizard website: BurstWizard


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