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Posted by Unknown On Friday, September 02, 2011

See girls DO play airsoft & this girl keeps us ALL in check at SWAT Urban AREA51, the place simply couldn't operate without her:


Player Name:

Swat-Charli, Charlotte to all who know her at SWAT.

About me:
I'm a loud, proud ginger, strong minded and strong willed, I love meeting new people and having a laugh with all the lads at S.W.A.T..


Local Skirmish Site:

SWAT Urban Area51

Airsoft Experience:
5+ years


Charli & MP5(click to enlarge)

What got you started in airsofting?
My Dad, as he is the owner of S.W.A.T., I originally started off playing paintball and then I turned to the 'darkside' and I am now an airsofter

My main weapon of choice is the MP5K, but I also pack a mean punch witht he MEU pistol as well.

Load Out:
Multicam trousers & a Snug-pack jacket, teamed with custom bright Nike trainers - 'Just Do It!'

Fav Item of Kit:
Probably a BFG as they make loud noises and scare people when they least expect them.

SWAT-Charli at SWAT Area51 (click to enlarge)

Top Tip:
Stop moaning, and go for it.

Fav War Movie:
Schindlers List

Paintballing, Airsofting, Concerts, Computers

Pictures courtesy SWAT Airsoft
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