BritKitUSA PVC Patch Review

Posted by Unknown On Monday, October 24, 2011


BritkitUSA PVC Patches- Review by Yosser

Velcro Backed, Tacticool Goodness

YOU now have NO EXCUSE for any unbadged Velcro real-estate on your kit when these guys, BRITKIT, can cover it with a great looking badge!

NOTHING quite says it LOUD and PROUD like a good old MORALE PATCH. And these patches announce to the world just how great we get to be with humour and other pieces of ‘dark’ political incorrectness gone crazy! So if you’ve got the space for it, why not add another badge to the collection!

The choice from these guys is good, with PVC, Woven, Embroidered and even Infrared patches available. Today, however I’m just looking at the selection of PVC patches.

Britkit PVC Patches

The selection from the website is growing all the time and what you get is what you see, I really can’t fault the quality of the patches I had in my selection. The range available is good, with everything covered from real unit replica patches to those from MW3, so keep checking back to their website for updates.

The PVC badges I was sent are a good gauge thickness and I don’t think they’re going to be parted from their Velcro any time soon and each one comes individually packaged and attached to a ‘Velcro-blank’, in its own small zip-lock bag. The delivery can take up to 10 days or so, but it is coming from half-way around the world so remember this when ordering, but pricing does including shipping.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a LOT more of these patches on the skirmish field especially the MW3 ones, maybe a present idea for a skirmisher you know or just a fan of the Modern Warfare series?

The only danger for me is that I’m now running out of Velcro-panels to accommodate all the patches! I think I’ll be needing more Kit, now the Mrs is going to like that!

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