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Posted by Unknown On Friday, December 30, 2011


A Look Back at 2011for Airsoft Odyssey.

Well, it only seems like yesterday the blog was celebrating its 2nd Birthday and reaching a milestone of 25 thousand visitors but to end the year with over DOUBLE that with now what is in excess of 60k visitors is just a dream! AND it's all THANKS to YOU my readers, so a heart felt thanks.

The success has been down to the blog becoming more 'news worthy' with more reviews and articles with over 115 pages produced just this year alone, not to mention the new push on other social media fronts such at TWITTER and My Youtube Channel with originally produced content adding to the published portfolio on the blog. MAJOR reviews from such airsoft giants as King Arms & Action Sports Games brought visitors in as well as Tactical Gear from Helikon and Military 1st helped boost the reviews on the blog.

Click the image to see the reviews

Click the Images to see the Helikon Gear Reviews

Don't forget to check out the Military1st Reviews (and you can get ALL the Helikon kit from them as well!)

Click the image to see the reviews

The blog of course started a new Projects Section starting with Phoenix Rising - the Story of a Rebuild bargain! Watch out for more during 2012!

The blog would like to thank all the SWAT Regulars for putting up with me at Area51 and to Paul Knaggs for all the support SWAT has given me & the blog during the year as well as BIG shouts out to JJ & Bamf for all their help in video production, technical help and being all round great mates.

You may have noticed the blog gained a NEW main sponsor during 2011, please visit their website by clicking the banner below and WATCH OUT for more from Airsoft Odyssey during 2012.

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Thanks for your support guys & gals!
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  1. JohnnyJ Said,

    It was a great year and thanks to the reviews I went out and got my self some helikon SFU bdu's and after a years hard use there still going strong , if your looking for a nice bdu set head to helikon !

    There have been some great kit reviewed already this year! my poor wallet is going to cry I feel this year

    Posted on February 2, 2012 at 10:44 AM


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