Potomac T-Shirt Review

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Potomac Short
Sleeve T-Shirt - Review by Yosser

Styled in the usual short sleeve, crew neck, configuration of any standard classic T-shirt the Potomac Short Sleeved Shirt looked rather unremarkable in its packaging, but belies what proves to be a great T-Shirt. All seams are well sewn, flat and over-locked, so no loose stitching on my example. The material that makes up this shirt has a nice soft touch feel and we are told it’s made from Advanced Protective Fabric™ a well-conceived and unique combination of fibres and is the material from which the complete range of Potomac Field Gear products are made. This material gives the T-shirt some interesting properties, see the features list below.

Potomac TShirt Printed Washing Instructions Designer label Style
Potomac Shirt (Click for larger Images)

• Fire resistant
• Sweat-wicking
• Anti-microbial
• Anti-odour
• Temperature regulating
• Comfortable
• Anti-static
• UV protecting

Now whilst I’d be the first to admit from a purely airsofting point of view, many of these properties may appear OTT – I however found this T-shirt provided a great base layer which assisted in temperature regulation during some pretty intense in-door CQB action and then switching to outdoor, it still helped me maintain my core temperature. It’s always difficult to strike a balance between being too hot and then feeling the cold when transitioning to outdoors, this T-shirt helped. Even after a full days skirmish it remained dry and comfortable to wear (and easy to wash & dry according to the wife!). I can really see this T-shirt getting some good use for other activities such as rambling, camping trips, plus beach trips in summer with the UV protection coming is useful for these occasions. Friends & colleagues might appreciate the anti-odour as well, especially if you don’t change it!

Yosser says: I really like this t-shirt and it will be added to my regular skirmish kit list, but it has uses beyond that for me such as camping trips and country rambles when you can get hot or cold in the space of just a few hours depending upon exertion. A great base layer and a MUST for those GUCCI kit addicts!

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