SWAT in Airsoft Action!

Posted by Unknown On Friday, February 03, 2012

SWAT Area51 makes surprise Airsoft Action Magazine Appearance! -

Regulars at the 'Top Secret' SWAT Urban Area51 venue will recognise some of the pictures appearing in Feb 2012's edition of Airsoft Action Magazine.

Airsoft Action Mag have a great article explaining the virtues of the SQUAD DESIGNATED MARKSMAN. Much like a 'Support Gunner' but with a lower, more accurate rate of fire, is how I would describe the role. With a capability to 'reach out and touch someone' at a slightly greater range than your average airsoft AEG the SDM is a player to be reckoned with on the skimish field.

The pictures are taken around the former 'Corus Labs' and gardens of the former Shotton Steel works near Garden City, Deeside. All of the regulars at the site lovingly call the building in the background 'Hanger 18', a Kill House of darkened rooms, corridors and stairwells. The area featured in the pictures lends itself well to sniper/DMR/SDM operations in support of more conventional troops.

The magazine has some great articles so get out and buy a copy and enter the comp to win a VFC/RA XCR AEG.

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WATCH out for the NEXT EDITION for something special (so I'm told!)
Maybe a REVIEW of SWAT Urban AREA51!

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