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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, February 26, 2012

in Airsoft Action Magazine

The March 2012 issue of the fabulous Airsoft Action Magazine carries a great review of my regular Airsoft site, SWAT Urban Area51 at Shotton Point, Wirral, UK.

Airsoft Action Mag have a regular feature where they get out and about to meet real airsofters, getting down to the sites and reviewing your normal every-day, regular Skirmish sites, rather than some of the more specialised and Mil-sim orientated specialist week-enders and such (although they do get to these as well!).

The article features pictures and game details reviewing the site and giving site facility and other details, to find-out more get the magazine! My fav quote from the article which best sums up CQB for is "..the great thing about CQB airsoft is being right on top of the enemy - and the worst thing about it is being right on top of your enemy", a perfect description IMHO.

The picture reproduced here is courtesy of Airsoft Action by Ron Mahoney and shows one of the regulars 'HotDog' advancing under fire through the former Steel Plants ornamental gardens.

Check out more SWAT in Airsoft Action magazine HERE!

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