SWAT Flash 01/04/2012

Posted by Unknown On Sunday, April 08, 2012

SWAT Flash Traffic for 1st April 2012
'Red, White & Blue all OVER'

Gaming with a bit of a difference, playing airsoft at my favorite site, SWAT Urban Area51. Split into 3 teams, each with sealed orders detailing objectives and missions for the day, plus standing orders to reccie and report OPFOR movements and CP's. Each team was lead to their CP without the detailed knowledge of each others location or their missions.

Each team had assets to protect, notably a laptop and drinks bottle in the CP plus simulated cash, drugs and explosives, before anyone starts worrying.

I think we all had a great day's airsofting in the lovely unseasonably warm sun! We pinned down the Reds in the 'House' by liberal use of Bamf's PIG (his new M60VN) spraying 'Death in the Doorway' but some excellent sniping from the windows by Reds must be mentioned due to the skill and accurancy involved for the distance involved, nice work Reds.

Check out this slide show featuring Nutz's pictures capturing the day and the players involved @ SWAT Area51:

Video by Nutz

Blues even managed to nick some of our assets with help from the UN team (part of their mission pack) walking straight into our CP unopposed due to our belief in our truce with them! Bah duplicitous blues, remind me not to trust them again!

Note to self: Bring a soddin torch next time your in Hanger 18! I have the bruises to prove not having a torch is a severe hinderence!

Mentioned in despatches: Original Monster bringing 'Shock and Awe' to the Reds by 'Kicking in their door' and hosing them down, a 'Mini Bamf' in the making well played dude!

We all had a great day and the crew at SWAT worked very hard to ensure it worked well and all teams where well balanced and mixed. Great work SWAT Thanks!

Check out the website and forums for more information on future games, or drop me a mail.

Just some of the feedback from SWAT members:

"What a great game. Glad to be back after a break and what a way to do it...using the whole site meant I got quite a workout!"

"All in all Im glad I've started again, especially today"

"The thought put into games and administration of them was very well thought out and I applaud Nutz and the rest of the staff for that"

"Was great to be able to use the whole site and pick and choose your routes through"

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