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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, May 08, 2012

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NWACSS Present - Swap & Shoot LIVE!

From the people that brought you the North West Airsoft Community Swap & Sell the HUGELY successful Face Book group for airsofters by airsofters, NOW comes THE EVENT, the North West Airsoft Community Swap & Shoot.. LIVE! Check it out below:

It's a chance for members and non-members alike to get together and swap/buy/sell their airsoft gear in person (no need to complete those sales templates!). There'll be ranges for testing/chrono of guns you want to buy, a techies table for all those upgrades and modifications. For people interested into getting to know the airsoft sport better there will be CQB taster games for £5 including kit hire and 2 different game arenas "the F Block" for novices and "Hangar ,18" for seasoned players and CQB maniacs.

The event itself is FREE TO ALL and all are welcome, there will be onsite catering as well as toilets and free car parking. It'll be held at SWAT Urban Area 51 on Saturday 4th of August. There will be a new product launch on the day too (all hush hush for now though) and possibly a raffle if we can get some prizes sorted. How's that for an Airsoft event to rival even the most well established? AND its FREE!

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  1. BAMF Said,

    This looks like it will be an absolutely cracking event. I will be on this like a tramp on chips!

    Posted on May 10, 2012 at 10:24 PM


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