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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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The Essex Range Pistol Club - The Vikings

UK Airsofters based in Essex and surrounding areas now have a great facility on their door steps – The Essex Range and its Pistol Club – The Vikings, which has just held its inaugural opening event.

Essex Range The Vikings
Essex Range

The club is modelled on US & Australian gun clubs, and will offer a long list of facilities when complete, from Woodland, in-door & out-door ranges, live streaming of your event to the Internet, indoor combat, IPSC, as well as low-light ranges and that’s only a fraction of what will be available when completed which have all been designed by a group of experienced airsofters, Mad Badger Group, and real steel shooters in order to bring a unique experience reflective of the "good ol’ days" of real steel pistol club shooting. It even boasts an outdoor range called “The Maze”, full of targets where shooters compete on timing and accuracy - you never know what’s around the next corner. Still in the throes of its 12 month renovation programme the club is promising a fully inclusive and family friendly experience. They undertake to encourage people from all backgrounds, individuals and families to get involved, with events designed to encourage everyone to get involved in the sport.

Outdoor targets Shooter READY!
Outdoor Range & Shooters

To add to the great list of facilities the club will also boast a minimum of 14 indoor shooting lanes, BBQ area, canteen, full off street all weather parking; PLUS 5 lanes either side of the on-site shop. With changing facilities, secure storage, work room & on-site catering available what more could airsofters want for.

Range hire costs are very affordable and available in one or two hour slots (for individuals or small groups), and for up to entire nights for teams and large groups. We will open any time for a team or large group booking, so that teams can work together, socialise and test/rebuild/pimp/restore/purchase kit/train on site. The range will start by operating two afternoon and nights a week, and two weekend days per month, with group bookings as additional to that.

The MAZE Course @ The Essex Range:

The Essex Range has a full retail operation at "The Armoury" with Sponsorship by leading companies, such as Armex and Umarex, ensuring that the weapons and accessories on sale meet the exacting demands of target and combat pistol shooting, as well as the exacting requirements of the venue, and that every item comes with a year long manufacturer’s warranty, which is unheard of locally and with shooting available on site, where you can test your items or purchases for free for up to an hour.

The club even promises to have a ‘Real Steel’ element whereby members can undertake firearms safety training and engage in real steel shooting of Pistols & Rifles at clubs in the EU. They will even support others who wish to establish similar clubs in the UK so we have a national network of competitive clubs, just get in touch with The Essex Range Pistol Club for more details.

Feedback from our first guests has been extremely positive and The Essex Range opens next week to the public as a week night shooting venue, contact us for more details.

The website will be up and running soon keep checking: for updates, bookings & prices

Special thanks to Mad Badger for the help and advice in pulling this together.

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    wow guys the club looks great. i think i will have to take a trip down there

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