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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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ICS Universal Drum Mag goes into Production

ICS Drum Mag Prototype
ICS Drum Mag Prototype

Anyone remember the announcement from ICS at Shot Show 2012 regarding their universal ‘C-Type’ drum magazine? No, not surprising as it all seemed to go under the radar and quiet from ICS on that front.

But behind the scenes, quietly and surely the project has been progressing and they are promising to bring us a great product and Airsoft Odyssey has secured some great ‘SPY’ pictures from the other side of the world on what will prove a most popular product no doubt!

What makes this drum magazine different from others on the market will be the availability of adapters for various gun types, so those of us with M4’s, Sig’s, G36’s and MP5’s should be able to run this nylon fibre constructed, 3500 round drum magazine with little trouble by just getting the appropriate adaptor for our AEG’s.

This is great news and a good example of clear thinking in the market place for ICS – and of course for airsofters if you change your gun you don’t have to go out and purchase another drum mag, just a new adaptor. Personally I’m looking forward to trying it out on my ICS SIG552 which has been crying out for one since the beginning!

Check out some of the ‘spy pictures’ below – please note that the prototype features a clear BB level indicator which I’m told will not be on the finished version – production starts soon but no further news on a possible release date – but may be on or near the same production schedule as the forthcoming G33 (news on that HERE).

Drum Mag Adaptors Clear BB Indicator
Back Drum Mag Detail Drum Mag Markings
ICS Drum Mag SPY Pictures Leaked (click for larger image)

Of course check out the various videos available from the ICS Booth at Shot Show 2012 on Youtube.

ETA and prices still under review.

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