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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, September 04, 2012

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for the Dragons Lair Event -Essex Charity Shoot

Sunday the 2nd September saw the H4H event held down @ Dragon's Lair Airsoft down in Essex, so just how did those intrepid players get on?

Madbadger Airsoft After Action Report follows:

Sunday saw the H4H charity shoot held at Dragon's Lair Airsoft in Essex. The shoot ended up attracting sponsorship from several companies, which donated everything from AEG's, pistols, BB's, shooting glasses, and may other raffle prizes.

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Pictures courtesy of MadBadgerAirsoft.com

Sites donated free tickets to their sites and the centre piece of the day was a custom gun auction, with the gun being donated by DB Customs in Essex and Badger Tac 2. Another nice and very tasty surprise was the H4H cake and other smaller cakes provided by friends and family of the site owners, and Badger Tac 2, who were the originators of the shoot.

All in all, around 110 people and several airsoft companies, as well as the model shop Big Mac Models, and sites got together to do something for our wounded soldiers. Almost £2200 was raised at the shoot.

Anyone still wishing to make a donation please contact one of the companies involved or Dragon's Lair Airsoft.
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Pictures courtesy of MadBadgerAirsoft.com

Check out the great piece of video work courtesy of Carla Barber:

Check Dragon's Lair on-line Website http://www.dragonslairairsoft.co.uk/ and via there Facebook page.

Please visit the Dragon's Lair H4H event Sponsors:
MadBadgerAirsoft BadgerTac2 EssexRange
AirsoftActionMag Armex Airsoft

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