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Posted by Unknown On Friday, October 19, 2012

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ASG Ingram MAC10
Automatic Electric Pistol
- Reviewed by Yosser.

ASG MAC10ASG MAC10 Suppressor & batteryASG MAC10 Package
ASG's MAC10 Package incl box art (click for larger Images)

Star of many an action movie and probably one of the MOST iconic Machine Pistols of ALL time the MAC10 is one of those airsoft guns not often seen in AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol) form on the skirmish field in recent years.

This version from ASG is licensed by the original manufacturers of the MAC10, Cobray Company, USA and features the logo proudly displayed on the body of the AEP and the adjustable stock. As a lot of experienced airsofters will know this version is based straight off the TM version and the whole package is sub £100 (in the UK) – which when you see how this performs and the package which has been put together, is great value by anybody's standard.

ASG's MAC10 (click for larger Images)

Opening the box you get the usual manual – which you will need to read - if only to figure out how to install the battery, which is fiddly and involves some deft handling of the safety ‘slide’ and pushing the front body pin and then removing the whole of the front muzzle. Once done, you can install what is a very small AEP style battery. My only criticism here is I wasn’t sure if the battery was fitted properly and it took a few attempts to get it right, plus I wasn’t overly enamoured with the 2 pin European charger, so my shaver adapter had to be utilised, but still found the 2pin plug to be a little wobbly. Those with TM style ‘Sopmod’ batteries will find the whole thing vaguely familiar no doubt having to house the battery in its own ‘cradle’ for charging.

Of course in the rest of the package you get the AEP, a very nice ‘barrel extension’ or suppressor to the rest of us, a cleaning rod, a hi-cap magazine, charger, battery and a small bag of BB’s – in fact everything to get you started, including a manual.

The AEP is made in an ABS plastic and nicely done too, with only the mock suppressor being a different type of plastic. The pull out stock is full metal and can be easily removed for those that just want to ‘spray & pray’ like in the movies, and is totally adjustable by using the button underneath the rear of the AEP and the butt folds down by squeezing together whilst rotating it into position, but be careful this does come out easily. Those using the MAC10 as a snipers backup weapon would probably just remove the stock to save on weight and less to tangle in their load outs.

The LHS of the body is pretty plain to be fair with mainly the selector switch pointing forward to semi auto firing and back towards the user for fully auto firing. The magazine release is located to the rear of the pistol grip at the bottom which is easily released using just your thumb and pulling the mag out with the opposite hand. Underneath the main body you of course have the stock release button and accessory rail at the front a little button to press to aid in releasing the front muzzle for battery replacement. The right of trigger guard is a separate safety switch for ON-OFF. This must be set to ‘On’ before the battery compartment can be opened.

ASG MAC10 Front EndASG MAC10 Battery & Charger
ASG's MAC10 front end and charger(click for larger Images)

The RHS of the body is where this AEP has is ALL going on so to speak. A large licensed logo from the Cobray Company, USA features prominently to the rear of the AEP (and an easily removable recycle sticker below it!). Picked out in white he upper part of the receiver has the usual ASG trade mark plus ‘6MM BB’ stamps and on the lower receiver ‘Ingram M10 S.W.D. INCORPORATED ATLANTA, GA. U.S.A.’ . Plus an easily removed sticker with the power level of the AEP @ 0.5 Joule. The FIRE & SAFETY marks are embossed into the body but not picked out in the white of the other markings and trades on the receiver. The trades do look like they would wear off over time, but remember the price point this AEP is aiming for, the sub £100 market.

The front muzzle section has a clock wise screw on thread for the suppressor, which really adds to the look of the MAC10. Also incorporated is a loose fitting sling attachment plate which would easily transition from right to left should it be needed. The top has a plastic cocking/charging handle which when pulled back reveals the hop up adjustment on the RHS of the main receiver, which has a large easily adjustable hop, so easy you could adjust this with gloves on. The cocking handle itself can be locked to prevent the hop chamber being opened by twisting anti-clockwise, this cannot be done when the AEP hop chamber is already open and requires holding open whilst being adjusted.

ASG's MAC10 with Suppressor

Now I was unable to get a ROF from this but on a calibrated chrono was displaying at approx 226 FPS and getting a great range and could certainly hold its own in a skirmish with a 480 round high cap mag, well enough for spraying the enemy with.

Yosser says: This is a very skirmishable AEP. Now that the cold weather is here and experienced skirmishers will be looking for alternatives to less reliable GBB's as the weather gets colder this ASG MAC10 AEP could bridge that gap for them. For a great price you will be getting a great package and sub £100 and you don't need to then source a battery or a hi-cap mag and charger etc etc this is great value for a handy light weapon that can well hold its own against pistols and AEG's being ranged at you. Bring it on, but you might need a spare battery 'cause you'll want to use it that much!

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    whats the FPS?

    Posted on October 24, 2012 at 2:43 PM

  2. Unknown Said,

    As stated in the review "chrono was displaying at approx 226 FPS"

    Posted on October 24, 2012 at 6:06 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    What is the range? The fps scares me a little that it might go 20 feet and drop into the ground. Thanks.

    Posted on November 26, 2012 at 3:07 PM

  4. Anonymous Said,

    Is this weapon compatible with tokyo marui hi cap mags? Thanks.

    Posted on November 26, 2012 at 3:33 PM

  5. Unknown Said,

    The range is great for an AEP and will easily spit out those BB's to a good range as the hops not bad on this ASG Mac-10.
    ASG sell this already with a Hi-Cap - sorry no idea about the TM ones as I didnt try it but as its based on that design i wouldnt be surprised if i was compatible but please check with JD Airsoft 1st if u want.

    Posted on November 26, 2012 at 8:18 PM

  6. BAMF Said,

    I fired this for Yosser's review type video thing and can categorically state that I was nothing short of "Awestruck" by the range of it! This isn't just me pontificating about it, it was phenomenal, truly.

    Yosser went to change the battery on his camera and I thought I'd try it out for range. I was well impressed! When he came back, I asked him to give it a go, just in case I had cracked up, as I didn't believe the range I was able to get from such a budget AEP.

    I have convinced myself that when finances allow, I'm getting one!!

    Posted on November 26, 2012 at 9:26 PM

  7. Unknown Said,

    You are a good person, thank you for your help.

    Posted on December 19, 2012 at 1:41 AM

  8. Quinn Said,

    Hi, what kind of inner barrel does this gun use?? Does it use AEG inner barrel?? Thanks

    Posted on May 23, 2013 at 8:27 PM

  9. Anonymous Said,

    thanks Yosser, thanks Bamf, my mac10 just arrived, s/h "new" from zin, bargain at £50, can't wait to field it, its a well made bit of kit, & I bought it on the basis of your review............cheers..........mark (aka Tackle)

    Posted on March 7, 2014 at 7:55 PM


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