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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, October 04, 2012

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Milspec Solutions
@ AAF6 are attending AAF6 for their 2nd year at the Airsoft Arms Fair show via their mobile 'Milspec HQ' and have a great selection of new Gas Blow Back pistols and rifles (plus a few AEG's!)- some of which can be seen below (can you name them all from the pictures including those in Airsoft Odyssey pistol case?):

Milspec Pistols
GBB's Galore From Milspec Solutions @ AAF6

From Top to bottom WE18C, WE19, WE XDM, WE SVD, WE 1911 Chrome,WE P228, WE P226 - did you get them all?

Making a SPECIAL appearance will be the Gas WE SVD - THE sniper rifle of choice throughout the world (well some of it anyway).

PLUS, for this weekend’s AAF6 show, Milspec Solutions Ltd in association with Raptor Airsoft will have on display the Raptor M4 CQB Mk18 MoD0. The rifle uses a WE M4a1 AEG as a base platform and features: 10" outer barrel - WE real steel spec RIS...- rear wired to Deans in a lipo stock tube and also includes a LMT marked crane stock. The WE rifle was selected because it offers the best balance between cost, high performance durability and upgradeability.

JJ from Raptor Airsoft will be on hand at the show to demonstrate the features of the WE M4 CQB and to discuss AR custom rifle builds in general. What makes this a must see is that it is probably the first rear wired WE based CQB seen in the UK if not the world.

Pop along and check us out - with lots of Gas Blow Back guns we are THE specialists for help and advice!

MilSpec Solutions
- GBB specialists in Pistols & Rifles
"As close to a real FIREARM as it gets™"

Milspec Solutions are the Premier Gas Blow Back Specialists - so you can contact them for purchasing advice on Rifles and Pistols they supply. Each Rifle and Pistol is personally checked BEFORE despatch to ensure it is working correctly on a professional range.

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