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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, February 21, 2013

PCS Smock in MP Camo®- Reviewed by Yosser

Fans of ‘Brit kit’ both in pattern and style will be glad that Helikon-Tex have released the PCS Smock in MP Camo®. Much like the Helikon-Tex Field Parka (See review here) – this follows the familiar British Army’s smock pattern but now matches the PCS – Personal Clothing System in the same MP – Multi Purpose Camo® (reviewed here) – which is strikingly not to dissimilar to the British Army’s MTP gear and also provides a good ‘mix & match’ with the original MTP . So this is a great for those looking for a Brit load out but can’t get hold of MTP.

PCS SmockPCS Smock HoodPCS Upper Sleeve
Helikon-Tex® PCS Smock in MP Camo®

Following the same heavy duty pattern of the Field Parka it features a 50-50 split in materials of cotton and polyester. It also features so many pockets – 10 in total, so let’s go through some of them:
  • Two slanted cargo chest pockets fastened with a single slotted button (Canadian style) – and covered with a flap so the buttons are covered.
  • Two mid-line chest pockets fastened with zippers with inner mesh lining with accessory/pen pockets.
  • Two large bellowed pockets fastened with one slotted button on the main body with both also having two ‘dump’ pockets situated behind them lined with fleece – a very nice touch to keep your mitts warm and toasty – nice touch that.
  • Two shoulder pockets fastened with Velcro, sensibly angled for easy access by the wearer.
PCS Smock with PDRPCS Smock Centre LinePCS Smock Centre PocketsPCS Smock HoodPCS Smock Back
Helikon-Tex® PCS Smock in MP Camo® click for larger pictures

The smock has a two way zipper allowing it to be opened from the bottom up so you can gain access to your gear easily and has a loose fitting style to it, which allows for a good amount of layers to be worn underneath, but should you get too warm just use the under arm zips for ventilation. The adjustable wired-hood seems massive on this jacket and features a large cowl, which is suitable for wearing over a helmet but also gives the added benefit of providing good protection from the elements. The hood of course can be rolled up when not in use.

The jacket comes with Canadian style slotted buttons and comes with two spare on the inner part of the jacket and has waist and lower edge drawstrings to adjust for size and comfort. A centre line epaulet is placed on the chest for rank or unit slides. It also features re-enforced lower sleeves and Velcro adjustable cuffs which is great for keeping the cold out when wearing a glove with long gauntlet and much easier to use than fiddly cuff buttons. On the upper arm pockets is a large area of Velcro real-estate for all those essential unit or morale patches and stuff. Just like the PCS-MP uniform this smock features covers which is a great feature so you can sew patches to them instead. Again one of the blanks features the union flag – all these ‘little’ touches really count. See if you can spot the trade mark Helikon Chameleon in the pattern.

Yosser says: I do hope Helikon-Tex keep up producing and using this PCS-MP pattern in other kit they produce. I just love this pattern and at long last they have produced this smock which was lacking from their range. With sensible features and functions this jacket should be a good seller amoungst airsofters looking for a Brit/SF UK load out or even for those looking for all weather protection. As mentioned, this PCS Smock compliments the PCS-MP uniform so if you have this kit you need this jacket. Great work once again by Helikon-Tex®

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