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Posted by Unknown On Friday, March 15, 2013

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Pencott & Helikon
@ IWA 2013
by Mad Badger Airsoft

Now regular readers will know what a big fan I am of Helikon kit & Uniforms. So I'm so glad those MadBadgers from MadBadgerAirsoft.com took a swing by the Helikon stand at IWA and have a report back on the exciting deal they have done with Hyde Definition - home of Pencott Camo.

Hyde Definition @ Helikon Booth

Hyde Definition GreenZoneHyde Definition BadLandsHyde Definition SnowDrift
“Hyde Definition revealed some exciting news at IWA 2013!

So who are Hyde Definition? For the unaware, Hyde Definition have spent the last five or so years, developing, and then releasing Pencott Camouflage. They are a British company, based in East Anglia, and their uniforms can be seen on a patchwork of UK airsoft sites. They recently narrowly missed out in the US uniform selection trials due to the politics of providing uniforms to the US military.

Hyde Definition had three uniforms on display at this year’s IWA; Woodland, Desert and a Snow or High Country uniform. We had a good long chat with them in relation to the history of the company, the recent US trials, and the future of this unique British company. As a British design company, who have built their quality brand from the ground up, Hyde Definition deserve the support of every UK uniform wearer and airsofter.

During our chat with Hyde Definition, it quickly became clear that the fortunes of the company were about to sky rocket due to the recent exciting news, that their patterns were about to be launched on the retail market by Helikon-Tex©. Helikon, and Hyde Definition have invested heavily to ensure that the Pencott patterns for Woodland & Desert enter the market in the UK within the next 16 weeks, making it available for the summer line ups at your local airsoft site. The retail cost of the uniforms, available in Helikon PCS pattern should be in line with most existing Helikon patterns.

Helikon advised that currently the uniform material was on the move from the pattern factory in the United States to China, in order to produce the production run in the next 6 to 8 weeks with a similar time frame again for the finished uniforms to filter down the supply chain to retailers.

Hyde Definition GreenZone closeupHyde Definition BadLands closeup
For those who have not seen either the Woodland or Desert patterns, they could be described as possessing both pixilation and smudge blotches of single and mixed colours, across the uniform garment. The woodland pattern consists of browns and a green, similar to our eyes as CADPAT. The desert pattern consisted of browns, and the light sands common to modern desert uniforms seen since the early 1980’s. The point must be made though that the colour palette is unique, and the woodland pattern would fit perfectly into the British woodland environment. With the addition of webbing and a matching fabric camouflage tape, you could easily sit and watch, undetected, as that airsoft enemy passes you by! There is not much more to say except, British Quality, British Design, & European companies working together, a unique pattern, a great uniform cut, and a milspec. quality uniform. The patterns are already popular in North America, and all these aspects should make it a winner in the UK."
Expect to see more of this Camo on YOUR local airsoft site soon!.

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