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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Magazine Problems?

Magpul PTS PDR
The Magpul PDR one of the most eagerly anticipated AEG’s for a long time – teased, hyped, & previewed, the world has been a-buzz for what had to be one of the most waited for AEG’s since the Masada!

So what a disappointment it was that some of us were having problems with the ‘lock & load’ of mags in this otherwise great AEG. Some like me thought it was to do with the battery size maybe ‘interfering’ with the mag release mechanism which goes practically the length of the PDR. But thanks to my good mate at Raptor Airsoft he soon had it fixed – simply and quickly!

All you need to do is remove the stock pad and rear and middle body pins, now swing the body up and you will see the part in the photo on the right hand side of the gun. Loosen the screws off a little and keep pressing your mag release button until its resetting correct , then try your mags to see if they lock in. Hopefully this should sort your mag release problems, as it has done mine.

Just loosen off these screws to solve your magazine Lock & Load issues

Thanks to Raptor Airsoft for sorting this out and kudos to JJRaptor – thanks a million I’m now re-united with my PDR in working order!

Wait till you see what happens to it next!

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