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Posted by Unknown On Monday, July 15, 2013

GunFire.PlHave YOU changed to
LiPo's Yet?

Have you made the transition to LIPO's yet?

Gunfire LiPo Pack
Gunfire LiPo
LIPO's or to give them their correct name Lithium Polymer batteries are certainly more popular on the skirmish field nowadays what with the ease of availability and now that the 'mystique' and urban myths surrounding them have all but dissipated.

What I love about LiPo's is their ability to make fitting batteries in and out of some AEG's a breeze! I still remember the pain in the ass it was to fit the 'normal' batteries in my ICS SiG552 'Commando' and as for the PDR! well lets face it maybe some modern AEG's would have to undergo drastic redesign to accommodate the older battery types. For convenience, speed and weight LiPo's are definitely a 'keeper'.

Gunfire now hold a great range of LiPo's to suit most AEG's and the quality is outstanding. Psst!.....Rumour has it that Gunfire have sourced these from the same factory that produce Lipo's for use by the Chinese Republic's Peoples Liberation Army - and we all know that like most military organisations quality and reliability will be high on their list of priorities. The range Gunfire have available covers your standard 7.4 and 11.1 ranges in a good variety of milliamp hours, physical sizes and currents 20c & 25c - plus if you want BIGGER even a 14.8volts LiPo.

Now, lots of players are still wary when about using LiPo's - I will admit to not being an early adopter of the technology myself but just a few simple precautions are all it takes, as we've all heard the horror stories surrounding LiPo's.
SiG552 with LiPO
SiG552 Commando with easy to fit LiPo
Simple LiPo Precautions include:
  • Never leave a battery unattended whilst charging (use charging bags where necessary)
  • Never over charge or try to charge too quickly.
  • Always use a balance charger (a good quality charger should ALWAYS be used) and set it correctly for the number of cells and charge rate required
  • Never flatten your battery - use a LiPo alarm or as soon as you notice the ROF drop change the battery in your AEG
  • Faulty batteries should be replaced (if your battery 'balloons' up please dispose of it!)
  • DO NOT short the battery out!

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