Custom Pistol Grips

Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Pistol Grips
- for MY WE 1911 Chrome

A quick custom Look for your pistol!

The fastest & easiest way to get a custom look for your pistol is a nice new set of grips.

Pin BadgesBadges Fitted in Raw stateFinished GripsFitted Grips
As usual you can shop around and if you have a 1911 you can get a vast array of aftermarket grips – or ‘scales’ to use the correct term. If you have the cash and have a pistol that matches real world specs you can even use ‘real-steel’ grips. But be careful; make sure they’ll fit your airsoft replica FIRST!

I found a great Facebook group called ‘Jim’s Grips’ not only does he specialise in 1911 grips and can offer a vast array of colours, finishes and wood types he was also able to accommodate my ‘customisation’ request as well.

Starting with a solid Oak scale blank, its first cut to size, shape and holes cut for the custom option I was having fitted, then it goes through a hand process of two coatings of light fast black eboniser and finally finished off with a clear satin hardwax oil.

Now depending on what you need the process may differ, Jim can provide the grips with dimples or other ‘pattern’ – me personally, I wanted to celebrate my Welsh side and so I just sent him some simple pin badges I wanted inserted into the grip’s panels and left it up to him! I guess he just ‘chopped’ off the pin fixing posts before cementing in place into the recess he’d cut for them. It’s a great way to get something unique looking for your pistol. I’m just lovin’ the way these suit my WE Chrome 1911 – the shizzle as some might say!

Look around the internet for a variety of badges or ideas and if you don’t fancy doing it yourself give ‘Jim’s Grips’ a shout - I would suggest you keep the outline to be recessed pretty standard to make fitting easier though!

As for cost - these won’t break the bank but are a custom option so costs may vary – ask Jim for a quote.

WE1911 ChromeWE1911 Chrome Grips
WE 1911 Chrome fitted with Custom Grips

If you're looking for inspiration for inserts on YOUR grips you can check out this website for badges - but keep the outline shapes simple - it will make fitting easier believe me! Of course you might have your own ideas!
Lots of pin badges to choose from here:

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