SWAT After Action Report for 5th April 2009

Posted by Unknown On Thursday, April 16, 2009

For the first two games at SWAT the Reds easily held the upper hand in the ‘CQB’ and the ‘Defend the Officers Mess’ games. In fact, they probably walked both events, totally outclassing the Blues on both occasions.

Some of us ‘Blues’ felt slightly outnumbered as the Reds had the benefit of two of the most experienced airsofting teams resident at SWAT Urban, namely the vastly experienced SWAT & Red Sabre Teams. So for the rest of the day the Red Sabre Team ‘swapped’ sides and evened things up a bit, which produced much more balance to the battles that followed.

On one game the Blues are trying to hold the ‘Officers Mess Bar Area’ against constant heavy attack by the Red Team. A Frag grenade comes through the door and several Blues land on top of me as I’m behind cover. Luckily no harm done, but several Blues landing on top of you! It was funny though. When the Reds made room entry we proved more than a match and the poor soul that came through the door had maybe six or seven AEG’s aimed at them. Put it this way they didn’t hang around long. We laughed for quite a while after that, the Reds could have easily taken the room while we laughed our socks off.

Nearly forgot to mention the special guests from 5.11 & Blackhawk present at the skirmish, courtesy of SWAT Urban’s resident ‘DingoDogs Airsoft Shop’. 5.11 & Blackhawk brought along plenty of freebies and some great displays of their exceptional quality gear while some of their product testers enjoyed the days skirmishing.

All in all it was a simply glorious day’s skirmishing with great fun and laughs had all round and made even better by the great weather. The friendships and camaraderie cannot be beat. Come and join us at the next event on 26th April 2009. Just contact
SWAT Urban.

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Pictures are reproduced courtesy of SWAT ©.

Just some of the member’s feedback from the day….

“A "big up" to all at SWAT for another great days 'softing. Both red and blue teams played a blinder today. I can’t wait for the next one!!!”

“…great day, one of the best at Saighton for me so far, great team play by both sides, well done to the Marshalls and everyone at SWAT as always….”

“Was good fun today, enjoyed it just like everyone else !”

“Omg what a day I big hooo haaa to the swat staff for running a great day…. it just keeps getting better and better”

This Skirmish Report is brought to you by DingoDogs Airsoft shop for all your airsofting needs.
Dingodogs Airsoft


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