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Introducing one of the newer teams resident at SWAT Urban

The Red Dragon Mercs.

An interview with Team Lt. Saint

How did the Team form? -

"Funnily enough in Grim Reapers back garden, after paint balling for Entropy's stag weekend last year [2008]. I mentioned the idea of airsoft to people and we should go try it out sometime, quite a few were keen, so me an Grim Reaper looked into it and back at GR's another night having BBQ he brings out his G36c 2-tone and we all had a go of the rifle, and just loved the feel of it. Pretty much everyone agreed we gotta go to a nearby site and have a go, before we all rushed out and started buying all the kit. We found Swat Airsoft in Parkgate which did rentals so perfect for us newcomers and pretty close-by.

Then by sheer coincidence SwatAirsoft sourced the Saighton camp and were set to use this site for CQB airsoft in just a few weeks away and we all decided to get a few people who'd be interested in this sort of thing and we all went along. I think every single person was 110% satisfied and swore to come again. Many bought 2 tone replicas, some were bit more patient than myself ;) "

How did you all know each other? -

"Majority of us know each other from an old car club I ran in the past and have stuck together and now get the chance to team up again in a different way...shooting people with bb's– all good fun."
Meet the members:


Weapon MP5J Navy


Weapons G36c + MEU 1911 Pistol

3.Iced Car

Weapons P90, FN2000 & BFG

4.Team Captain Grim Reaper

Weapons M4, MP5k & MEU 1911 Pistol, M14

5. GraveDigger

Weapons G36c

6.Top Cat

Weapon MP5J Navy

7.Team Lieutenant Saint

Weapons MP5J Navy, BAR10 & Camera Man


Weapons MP5SD6

9. WWII Mike

Weapons Thompson + MEU 1911 Pistol, L96, M4, M249

10. Yosser

Weapons H&K416 and Sig552 and M9 Pistol

Do the team have a motto?:

Currently open for debate amoungst the team...
"Always outnumbered, never out gunned. - perfectly demonstrated by a few members having quite an armoury already after only being into the hobby for about 4-5 months odd"

What's the vibe in the team and do you have a shared ethos?:

"Have fun basically, we're getting all organised with comms, matching rifles so we can share mags etc and are gonna play seriously but were pretty laid back in that we don't expect people to start playing like the're real army and must be the best of the best, we're a bunch of long time mates knowing each other from years back playing together as a team, also with some new faces joining us just recently."...welcome to our newest member Josh! who only joined a few days ago

A BIG thanks to Saint for the intell and you can keep up with his vids which feature on Airsoft Odyssey on his Youtube channel at:

The RED DRAGON Mercs can be found here on the web.

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