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Posted by Unknown On Saturday, July 31, 2010

Introducing a well established Airsofter and SWAT Regular:


Player Name:
Standin / Thaibride, - the reason for the 'ThaiBride' handle involves a complex story of a visit to New Zealand, a nice Thai Girl and her wanting to get married after a night of passion and locking me in her room! I jumped a 40ft balcony to get out of there double quick



Local Skirmish Site:
SWAT Urban

Airsoft Experience:
3 years

Team CBMPC's Facebook Page
and their own mad-cap Youtube channel!

Standin Posing for the camera (click to enlarge)

What got you started in airsofting?
It was a friend called Elliot, I came round to his house one day and he was holding an 'MP5' and I'm like "Whats that?", he says "It's a automatic bb gun we shoot these at airsoft sites" so I picked up the gun and since then have been hooked!

ICS M16A3, ICS MP5SD5, Galaxy MP7, Kart M14EBR custom

Load Out:
As a Team we have gone for the SWAT look, all black with Assault Vests, M88 helmets (although mine’s a Mich 2000) lol and thigh pouches, stuff like that , we are also on the verge of getting full Flecktarn Camo trying to get it as close to the German Military as possible.

Fav Item of Kit:
My trusty M16 she out ranges a friends L96 Sniper rifle.

How to look good with a BIG Gun!(click to enlarge)

Top Tip:
In CQB learn to stack and Frag / Flash in then breach

Fav War Movie:
We Where soldiers / Black Hawk Down

Movies, Beer, Games, Cars, Motorbikes, Climbing and Mountain biking

All Pictures courtesy of SWAT Airsoft

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