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Posted by Unknown On Monday, August 16, 2010

Another SWAT regular and another budding action photographer:


Player Name:
Sharpy, Chris Sharp - the reason for the callsign/handle, it's obvious really!



Local Skirmish Site:
SWAT Urban

Airsoft Experience:
Roughly 1 year

Currently looking for a team who would be lucky to have me!

Sharpy in action (click to enlarge)

What got you started in airsofting?
It was a friends fault!

JG G3 SG1, & KJWorks M92f

Load Out:
My kit is based on the US Marine look, I mainly got the look from the Hurtlocker movie, I realy liked it so I got it… I have an ACU interceptor vest, and my helmet is a US MICH 2000.

Fav Item of Kit:
My Helmet (Just like playing around with different accessories for it -lol).

Sharpy rocking the ACU look!(click to enlarge)

Top Tip:
Just get in battle, at least try and get your moneys worth!!

Fav War Movie:
The Hurt Locker, of course!

Airsoft, Photography, Tennis

You can check out Sharpy's YouTube Channel for some special SWAT video's

All Pictures courtesy of SWAT Airsoft

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