Hero Shark Gear Arrived

Posted by Unknown On Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coming Soon....
Hero Shark Face Protection & Goggle Review

Just arrived courtesy of Sharky from Hero Shark is this great face protection system!

Consisting of the Hero Half Mask & Dagger Nose Goggles.

My first worry was that these would be a tight fit - but not so! Quite comfy on first fitting and adjusting although they've yet to do a skirmish so a full review will be done (bar the FPS testing, you can see from the website that they will stand up to 500fps at close range). The goggles are mainly made of plastic. The masks are made from fiberglass cloth and matt. The mesh on all products is made from high strength punched steel.

Hero Shark Mask & Goggles setup (click to enlarge)

Really quick delivery on these, I was surprised at just how quickly they came! Sharky has done a great job on this kit upon 1st inspection; although more complex 'custom' work, paintjobs, shapes, special orders etc would take longer.

I'm really looking forward to giving these a good run out and field testing this kit, of course I'll let you all know in the form of a review. Keep watching this space. UPDATE SEE THE FULL REVIEW HERE!

In the mean time check out the Hero Shark website .


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