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Posted by Unknown On Monday, October 11, 2010

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ASG Release their 'Specter' Modular Weapons System

I can't say I've been the biggest M4/M16 fan during my time in airsoft as the world and his dog seems to rock the M4 look at every airsoft event I've ever attended. So the release of yet another M4 has to be something a bit special to capture my attention.

News of ASG's soon to be released 'Specter' Modular Weapons System officially licensed from Yankee Hill Machine Co. Inc. however looks to be just that bit special. This AEG is following on the same path forged by the Magpul PTS Masada ACR which has set the bench mark for these Adaptive or Modular Weapons Systems.

The Specter Modular Weapons System

The ASG system promises a much simpler change with either upper or lower receivers and comes with a good range of different receivers to suit all possible situations and combinations. Fancy a M16? Then you can do that, whilst also carrying the upper receiver for a quick change to M4 variant for CQB.

We have the Upper & Lower Receiver for your situation

This is a great piece of kit and most 'softers' in the UK can get their first look at this exciting AEG at the Airsoft Arms Fair on 16th Oct (see the banner on this site for details).

Check out the Detail on the Receiver

The good news for UK airsofters is that straight from the off ASG will have available the two lower receivers (fixed stock and crane stock) along with the 10 Uppers (each comes with barrel and complete hop unit) available to order from your local friendly Airsoft suppliers. So no long wait for the goodies you want to see! Just think a 10 second swap between different weapons systems on the same AEG!

(So far I've not been able to get RRP's or package details, ASG advise that this AEG will accept standard M4 magazines ) - More when I get the info.

What are the bets that this won't be the last ACR/MWS we see?

You can get more information direct from the ASG Website . And of course you can download the FULL PDF datasheet from ASG on the 'Specter' HERE .

You can checkout all the latest Offerings and the Specter MWS by clicking the banner:
ASG Specter


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