3rd Airsoft Arms Fair

Posted by Unknown On Monday, December 06, 2010

News from the Up Coming 3rd Airsoft Arms Fair

The Airsoft Arms Fair, in association with Edgar Brothers Airsoft Division and Airsoft International Magazine is held at 'The Grange', West Midlands and will be the 3rd event of its kind held at the venue.

This is 'THE' place to sample a great variety of Airsoft kit, suppliers, and events organisers in one place. So far confirmed for the 21st May 2011 are: The Shop @ the Grange, Gunmunki, East Midlands Airsoft, Dingodogs Airsoft and Tactical Supplies, Raider Magazine, and E&E Military. And of course Airsoft Odyssey will also be there to give you an 'independent' take on the day.

Not only do you have all the lovely Airsoft and tacti-cool goodies on display, and possibly previews or new product launches (maybe if we're lucky!) but its a good opportunity to catch up with airsofters from right across the country over a cup of tea and a bacon butty to compare notes and make new friends.

To see what you missed from the 2nd Airsoft Arms Fair held check out my review here.

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